Issue 2

Educating the Whole Child: Helping each student develop their intellecual, social, ethical, and physical potential

portrait of current Catlin Gabel family from left to right Owen ’28, Kei 28, Matt, and Carey Bernstein
  • Community

Catlin Gabel parent Matt Bernstein reflects on his family’s commitment to progressive education, why he chooses to play an active role in the community, and the importance of leaving a legacy for the next generation of families.

catlin gabel kindergartener running through hoops towards viewer in mini gym obstacle course activity
  • Teaching & Learning

With a wellness program based on the whole-child approach, teachers are helping students develop self-understanding, social skills, and healthy habits for life.

group portrait of catlin gabel middle and upper school students standing in tucker garden
  • Community

A restoration of the Middle School’s Tucker Garden is bringing the school community together and inspiring an awareness of the ecosystem on campus.