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The thread that ties a community together

Jordan Schnitzer '69 on the value of community at Catlin Gabel

On the 50th anniversary of his graduation from Catlin Gabel, the civic leader and philanthropist shares thoughts on early influences and why he believes we should “leave the place that we lived in better than we found it.”

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5th grade classroom

Just One Small Part of a Storm That Changes Everything

Creating a new fifth grade curriculum around peace, conflict, and change

The challenge and beauty of teaching fifth grade is found in this age group’s on-the-cusp pushes and pulls.

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ted chen head of middle school

Putting Caring and Kindness at the Center of the Educational Experience

Catlin Gabel welcomes Ted Chen as the new Head of Middle School

“What does it mean to be nice? What does it look like to be respectful? With our help, students can define what it means to them, what it looks like, and continue to strengthen those actions and mindsets, making them habits.”

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google earth birds eye view of east campus expansion

The Campus Expansion

Catlin Gabel evolves to provide students with more educational opportunities

The extended campus will allow Catlin Gabel to expand upper grades enrollment through an intentional, gradual process; provide students with more opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, collaboration, and creativity;

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Competency-based Learning and the Mastery Transcript Project

Catlin Gabel explores an innovative approach to improve teaching and learning

Educators at Catlin Gabel have long supported the idea of “visible teaching and visible learning,” where students have a clear understanding of what teachers are setting out to teach

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