Summer Camps 2024

Weekly Camps Run From July 8-August 9

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Catlin Gabel School invites campers from across the Portland metro area to spend the summer with us! Every week we offer a range of activities for different ages, including arts and crafts, sports, LEGO robotics, board game design, creative writing, photography, day camps, and more.

Our 67-acre campus is conveniently located just off of Highway 26 and is only minutes from downtown. Camps start July 8 and run through August 9, and each week offers different activities for preschool to high school. Catlin Gabel also hosts an array of partner camps that are run by professional organizations. Extend care is available in the mornings and afternoons and is open to both Catlin Gabel and partner camp participants. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Day Camps: Ages 4-12

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Catlin Gabel’s Day Camps are designed for three specific age ranges:
  • Summer Beehive (ages 4-6)
  • Honey Hollow Creative Corner or Science Adventure (ages 6-9)
  • Explorers (ages 9-12)

Each week has a specific theme (see catalog for details) and includes indoor and outdoor activities, creation, and connectivity. Campers learn, play, and have fun! Extended care is available. These camps, which typically fill up quickly, run all 5 weeks.

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Specialty Camps: Ages 6-18

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Sports Camps

We offer a variety of athletic activities, including fencing, boxing (fitness, fighting, and self-defense), and a Sports Spectacular camp, which covers a range of sports and activities throughout the day, tailored to participant interests. These camps are designed for ages 6-14, except for boxing, which is for ages 12-18.

Arts & Activities Camps

Art camps offer a variety of options, including drawing and painting, mixed media, a Latino multimedia camp, photography, jewelry making, paper marbling, and DJing, catering specifically to campers aged 9-14. For younger campers, there is a Sauvie’s Island Farm camp (which begins at Catlin Gabel) for ages 7-11, and a nature and art camp designed for ages 8-11.

Academic & Tech Camps

For those who enjoy building things, options include board games and animation, model rockets, light sabers, and LEGO robotics. These camps cater to ages 8-14 and are specific to each camp. Additionally, there is a creative writing camp designed to explore different genres for ages 11-14, and a bilingual camp focused on the Japanese language and culture for ages 8-11.

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Extended Care: Ages 4-14

Morning: 7:30-9 a.m. 
Afternoon: 3-6 p.m.

Extended care is offered for both Catlin Gabel and partner camps. To ensure adequate staffing, weekly sign-up is required. You may choose mornings, afternoons, or both. The sign-up for extended care is separate from camp sign-up.


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Partner Camps: Ages 4-15

Campers can also sign up for activities hosted on Catlin Gabel’s campus but run by other organizations. This year, we welcome Yoga Playgrounds, Anthony Newman, Avid4 Adventure (East Campus), and Engineering for Kids.

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Fees and Cancellations

Catlin Gabel Camp Costs

  • Weekly Cost for Regular Camps: $445
  • Weekly Cost for Half-Day Camps: $265

Extended Care

  • Before & After Care: $160
  • Before Care: $80
  • After Care: $110

Partner Camp Fees

Partner Camp fees are specific to each camp. Please see camp listings for details.

Cancellation & Refunds

From February 15- May 30 you may cancel a Catlin Gabel camp reservation, and you will be refunded the price of registration minus a $75 cancellation fee. From May 15-July 1 (prior to the start of camps), you may cancel a Catlin Gabel camp reservation and will be refunded half the price of registration. From July 1 and forward, no refund will be given for a camp cancellation or when a camp is missed due to illness or other reasons.

Camp Transfer

Prior to your camp’s start date, you may change the week of your camp (pending availability) for a change fee of $25.