catlin gabel school bus

Getting to and from school is easy and convenient, whether students use Catlin Gabel buses, public transportation, or carpool. Our buses travel across the Portland metro area, servicing about 21 percent of our student population each school day.

Catlin Gabel Buses

We have five bus routes that service the West Hills, Northeast, Northwest, Lake Oswego, Southeast, Beaverton, and Northeast Portland. Our buses are following safety protocols during COVID-19, and the school continues to monitor and review Oregon Department of Education’s guidelines for transportation. More information is available in our Pandemic Management plan.

Routes and Times

Each year, our routes can vary slightly. Specific details regarding exact times and locations are available in the enrollment and parent portals.

School Bus Stops

Screen Shot of Google Maps Bus Stops for Catlin Gabel

School Bus Fees

For Fall 2021, all routes are offered as a single option fee of $4.00 per ride with siblings at $2.00 per ride. Monthly costs are capped based on the number of family riders: $130 for a single rider, $195 for two, and $260 for three. Families receiving financial assistance will continue to receive reduced fees. Fees may be reassessed in January 2022.


The #20 Trimet bus stops at the main entrance to the school, and the Sunset Transit Center is a ten-minute walk from campus.


Hundreds of Catlin Gabel families carpool. Families have access to our carpool map in the Parent Portal that identifies proximate families.