catlin gabel school bus

Getting to and from school is easy and convenient, whether students use Catlin Gabel buses, public transportation, or carpool. Our buses travel across the Portland metro area, servicing about 21 percent of our student population each school day.

Catlin Gabel Buses

We typically have four bus routes that service the primary quadrants of the city. Our routes can vary slightly each year, depending on family needs and are finalized in August. The below map provides a general sense of last year's routes. Pick up and drop off times vary depending from stop-to-stop and route-to-route. Families who have applied to Catlin Gabel or are current families can access specific times and locations through myCG's admission and parent portals.

Northeast: The blue route had 9 stops last year. Pick-up times were between 7-8 a.m., and drop-off times were between 4-5:00 p.m. The furthest stop north was Alberta Park, the furthest east was NE 56th and NE Fremont, furthest south was Normandale Park, and furthest west was NE Fremont and N. Haight Ave. 

Southeast/Downtown/Westhills: The green route had 7 stops, with 3 on the Eastside and four in Northwest. Pick-up times were between 7:15-7:45 a.m., and drop-off times were between 4-4:30 p.m. On the Eastside, the furthest south location was Woodstock Park and the furthest east location was SE Hawthorne and Cesar Chavez Blvd. On the Westside, the furthest east location was 9th and NW Glisan, furthest south was the MAC, furthest west was SW Vista, and furthest north was Wallace Park.

Beaverton/Hillsboro: The purple route had 10 stops. Pick-up times were between 7-7:50 a.m., and drop-off times were between 3:40-4:30 p.m. The stop that was the furthest west and south was Orenco Station, the furthest north was NW Skyline and NW Germantown Rd., and the furthest east was NW Skyline and NW Ramsey Dr. 

Lake Oswego: The red route has 7 stops. Pick-up times were between 7-7:45 a.m. and drop-off times were between 3:50-4:20 p.m. The furthest north stop was near Riverdale School, the furthest west was near the Oswego Grill, and the furthest south was Wanker's Country Store.

22-23 Households and Bus Routes

School Bus Fees 2023-24

Families can choose from annual passes, one-way passes for the mornings or afternoons, half-year passes, or single rides. Families in our financial assistance program receive reduced transportation rates. 

Annual Pass Two-Ways: For an am/pm annual pass, the one-time cost is $1,120 or $124 per month for 10 months. Each additional sibling is $560 or $62 per month for10 months. 

Annual Pass One-Way: For a one-way pass (either am or pm), the one-time cost is $620 or $68 per month for 10 months. Each additional sibling is $310 or $34 per month for10 months. 

Half-Year Pass Two-Ways: For an am/pm annual half-year pass, the one-time cost is $600 or $130 per month for 5 months. Each additional sibling is $300 or $65 per month for 5 months. 

Half-Year Pass One-Way: For a one-way pass (either am or pm), the one-time cost is $330 or $70 per month for 5 months. Each additional sibling is $165 or $40 per month for 5 months. 

Single Ride: Cost is $9 per ride per child. Space is not guaranteed.


  • All riders have their Catlin Gabel ID badges scanned when entering and exiting the bus. This allows the school to know who is on the bus at all times, and where they got on or off. 
  • Students in 5th grade or below must have a parent/guardian or an approved adult present to meet them at their stop OR they must be escorted by their siblings who are in 6th grade or higher.
  • Families can download a convenient GPS app to track bus arrival and pick-up times within a specific geographic area.
  • The transportation office has implemented a two-way messaging platform to connect with parents, guardians, as well as Middle and Upper School student should there be an emergency or major delay. 

Other Transportation Options


The #20 TriMet bus stops at the school's main entrance (from Portland) and across the street and up a block (heading into Portland). The Sunset Transit Center is a ten-minute walk from campus, providing light-rail MAX and bus service to school. 


Many Catlin Gabel families carpool throughout the year. We curate a family carpool directory so that you can find other Catlin Gabel families who live within a ten-mile radius.