lower school students with headphones and ipads in science classroom

We believe that intentional use of technology can enhance learning, deepen our understanding of subject matter, expand our creative pursuits, increase efficiencies, and connect us to both people and places.

We use technologies to encourage teacher innovation and experimentation supported by researched-based, age-appropriate best practices. The school is committed to flexible and robust technology infrastructure supporting all of its learning environments.

Framework for Digital Technologies

We’re committed to having a robust and flexible technology infrastructure that supports every learning environment. We use these technologies to:

  • Ensure access so that daily learning can be enhanced and transformed.
  • Help students navigate the ever-changing digital world knowledgeably, critically, and empathetically.
  • Support students in selecting resources to support their own learning needs.
  • Provide opportunities for discussion and the practice of digital literacy and citizenship principles.
  • Encourage teacher innovation and experimentation supported by research-based, age-appropriate practices.