Student Safety and Well-Being

Protecting the safety, welfare, and health of our students is paramount. Students have access to school counselors, resource guides, and an anonymous reporting system.


Catlin Gabel has four counselors on staff: a counselor for the Beginning and Lower school, a counselor for the Middle School, and two counselors for the Upper School. These counselors provide individual and family support, and host seminars and workshops throughout the year. Learn more about our Catlin Gabel Counseling Program.

Health Coordinator

We have partnered with Joffe Emergency Services so that the school has a Health Coordinator who can support students when they become sick on-campus and answer parent/guardian questions related to the health of their child.

Student Forums

Catlin Gabel continually looks for ways to engage our students in developmentally appropriate discussions about sound decision-making, healthy relationships, safety, and respect. Topics included in these conversations include affirmative consent, sexual misconduct and assault, bystander intervention, the consequences of such actions, and ways for students to get help.

RAINN Hotline

RAINN operates The National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-HOPE or, which can be used to access confidential and anonymous immediate support services—including crisis intervention, information, and resources—24/7, in both English and Spanish.

Student Resources Guide

We have created a Sexual Assault and Misconduct Support and Resources Guide for students, which provides detailed information regarding self-care for survivors, guidance on ways to report sexual assault, explanation on what happens when a report is made, and legal and advocacy resources.

Anonymous Reporting Tip Line

Catlin Gabel has partnered with Vector Solutions (formerly known as SafeSchools) so that any student, as well as parents, can anonymously contact this school-specific system to report concerns. Information can include boundary violations, misconduct, bullying, harassment, drugs, threats of violence, abuse, or any safety issue. The tip line alerts the head of school, assistant head of school, director of human resources, and audit committee chair of the board of trustees. Catlin Gabel’s identification code for reporting is 1832.

App: Search for “Vector Alert”
Phone or text: (971) 351-1754

Reports can also be sent to any member of Catlin Gabel’s Response Team:

Head of School: Tim Bazemore (
Assistant Head of School: Kama Bruce (
Director of Human Resources: Gloria Martin (