Health Guidelines

Keeping our community healthy will take all of us. Our family-school partnership is more essential than ever as the decisions each of us makes has the potential to impact one another. We expect all community members to share in this responsibility.

Catlin Gabel’s New Practices

Our new practices have been developed following Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Department of Education (ODE), and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. Below are several of the measures that we will implement as we return to campus. We will continue to monitor guidance and adjust our protocols to align with all guidelines.

Redesigned Spaces

Decreased mixing, density, and daily logs

Movement on campus will be controlled and directed to reduce the mixing of students. Academic schedules and classroom density will be designed to keep students in smaller, more consistent groups during the day. Daily logs of student groupings will be recorded to allow for contract tracing if needed.

Physical Distancing

Students will maintain at least 6ft. of spacing to minimize transmission risk as much of the day as possible.

Classroom Practices and Well-Being

Teaching methods will be adjusted to minimize shared equipment or learning materials between students. Middle and Upper School students will not use lockers or cubbies. Pedagogy and classroom practices will provide greater attention to student mental health and well-being to help them build resilience and better cope with stress or anxiety. All divisions have adopted CASEL’s Social and Emotional Learning Competencies in an effort to more closely align social and emotional learning and to help create a shared vocabulary for students, teachers, and families across the school.

Enhanced Cleaning

Daily cleaning practices will comply with ODE requirements and CDC recommendations, including the types of cleaning products used and the frequency of cleaning.

Updated Protocols and Policies

Face Masks

Given recent local guidance regarding masks indoors, all employees and students are to wear masks when on campus, both indoors and outdoors, with the recognition that this may be challenging for some of our younger students to do so consistently.

The CDC has developed mask guidelines, including material and acceptable types.


Students and faculty will follow a regular schedule of hand washing, and hand washing stations and sanitizer will be available throughout campus to ensure easy access.

Pandemic Management Plan

The Catlin Gabel Pandemic Management Plan outlines policies, protocols, and practices that will be in effect next year.

Medical Advisor

We have added a medical advisor to our planning team who led the creation of our Communicable Disease Manual and is helping set policies and protocols, and provide relevant training to employees as needed.

Sick Policy

Anyone with a fever must stay home for at least 24 hours. Sick policies for students and employees will be enhanced and strictly enforced to minimize the number of sick people on campus.

Students who Become Ill While at School

Students who develop symptoms during the day will be separated from other students, and their parents/guardians will be contacted to arrange a pick-up within the hour.

Daily Screenings

The State of Oregon requires daily symptom screenings for schools. Parents/guardians will use a smartphone application managed by Magnus Health to submit their student’s temperature and respond to a series of COVID-19 related questions before 7:30 a.m. (or in advance of riding the morning bus). Employees will also submit daily screening information before arriving on campus. The first time students arrive at school without a submitted screening, they will have their temperature taken and parents/guardians will be called for additional information. The second time a student arrives without a submitted screening, parents/guardians will be notified to pick up their child from school for the day.

Campus Visitors

Visitors will be limited to only essential visitors whose engagement is mission-critical. This doesn’t apply to parents who are simply dropping-off or picking-up children, though protocols for doing so will be adjusted.

Return to Campus Plan

We are launching a staged return, beginning in August so we can continue to refine our work and respond to needs as they arise.

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