COVID-19 Information

Last updated June 1, 2020

Our campus closed on March 14 and moved to remote learning for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year. As we look toward the upcoming school year, we expect the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic to require flexibility as we plan our initial return to campus, which is based on input from the Oregon Department of Education and local and state public health officials.

Key Decisions

  • March 1: Emergency Response Team formed
  • March 6: Enhanced cleaning and safety measures enacted
  • March 12: Announce campus closure
  • March 16: Remote learning starts
  • March 20: Survey sent out
  • March 31: Divisions adopt revised learning schedules
  • April 9: Campus closed for remainder of school year
  • April 23: Budget revisions for additional financial aid fund; adjusted tuition plan options
  • May 12: Contingency Planning Team formed and budget reductions announced

Contingency Planning Team

As the timeline and ramifications of the pandemic intensified, we formed a group that included school leadership and external experts to help guide decision-making in relation to next school year.

Team members are:

  • Barbara Ostos; Assistant Head of School; 4th grade parent (chair)
  • Cameron Cover, MD/MPH; specialist in infectious disease and travel medicine, Providence St. Vincent Hospital; investigator for multiple trials of therapies for COVID-19; 8th and 10th grade parent
  • Justin Sales, MD/MPH; Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, Randall Children’s Hospital, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine; state and national emergency and disaster preparedness expertise; 6th and 10th grade parent
  • Abby Tibbs, JD; Vice President Public Affairs, Government Relations, OHSU; crisis communications, issues management, government relations expertise; K and 2nd grade parent
  • Dana Walton-Macaulay, JD; Deputy Director of Independent Police Review, City of Portland; expertise in higher-ed administration, emergency and risk management
  • John Harnetiaux; Director of Global and Outdoor Programs
  • Jasmine Love; Director of Inclusion and Outreach
  • Gloria Martin; Director of Human Resources
  • Sara Nordhoff; Director of Enrollment Management; 2nd and 7th grade parent

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team was formed on March 1 to provide recommendations to the leadership team on ways to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. A cross-selection of Catlin Gabel employees, representing key departments on campus.

Team members are:

  • Barbara Ostos, Assistant Head of School (chair)
  • Chris Balag, Finance & Operations Administrative Assistant
  • Rachel Barry-Arquit, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Kit Camp, Upper and Middle School Woodshop Teacher
  • Kitty Firth, Facilities Manager
  • John Harnetiaux, Director of Global and Outdoor Programs
  • Carrie McFadden, Associate Director of Human Resources
  • Daisy Steele, Director of Technology
  • George Zaninovich, Director of PLACE

Community Updates

Campus Grounds

To comply with current state requirements regarding physical distancing, all playground equipment and our tennis courts are closed. Our track remains open for neighbors to use for individual exercise while applying physical distancing guidelines. It is not open for groups or students at this time.

School Events

We continue to consult with a variety of health, government, and educational resources, and plan for various scenarios for the upcoming months. The school is collaborating across divisions to make decisions about May events and activities. We aim to communicate updates to the community in mid-April as to which will be canceled, postponed, or move online.

Student Travel and Outdoor Programs

All spring and summer student global travel opportunities were canceled in February.

All summer outdoor education trips have been canceled through July 31, 2020 due to continued physical distancing requirements and limited access to many of our program’s operating areas. We continue to evaluate an assortment of potential day trips for August and will share out information as we know more.

Keeping Your Devices Clean

See recommended steps for cleaning computers, mobile devices, iPads, and other touchscreen devices (cell phones). If there is something on the device that cannot be cleaned off using the following method, please email before cleaning your device.

Computer & Mobile Device Cleaning Instructions (PDF)

Commonly Asked Questions: FAQ

COVID-19 Resources

Oregon Health Authority and Department of Education Fact Sheet

These two agencies have recently put together a fact sheet detailing information related to when children should stay at home, best practices for avoiding illness, and information related to the virus and schools.

Travel Advisory Information

Travel guidelines continue to change during this pandemic. Please refer to the State Department website for the most current information.

State and Federal Coronavirus Information

Below are a variety of sites that house the most up-to-date and accurate information.

COVID-19 and Communities of Color

The NAACP’s comprehensive webpage provides information and resources related to equity and inclusion surrounding the pandemic.

Emotional Well-Being Resources from Our Counselors