Counseling Program

three middle school students holding hands and smiling

The counseling team at Catlin Gabel places high value upon knowing our students and families on a personal level. As students move between divisions, counselors share information to ensure the continuity of services to best serve each student’s needs.

Counseling Program

Our goal is to help students become self-sufficient and knowledgeable about accessing information in the spirit of sound decision-making. Our approach is strength based: we believe students are best positioned to make changes when they can draw on what is already working in their lives. Our counseling program emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and provides educational seminars and parent workshops to ensure that our community has information, current best practices, and strategies for addressing the social and emotional well-being of students.

Our Counselors

Each of our four counselors offer individual, group, and family support. Counselors provide information on a variety of topics ranging from substance abuse and use, parenting skills, mental health, and social and emotional well-being. When circumstances and needs extend beyond the scope of brief counseling, we work with families to identify resources outside of the school, and then coordinate between parents, teachers, and outside service providers to ensure continuity of care.