Campus Testing and Compliance Reporting

Catlin Gabel included testing as a layer of mitigation strategy for the safety of the community and is using current systems to allow employees and students to report COVID-19 related concerns.

Testing at Catlin Gabel

Employee Testing: Catlin Gabel began a mandatory COVID-19 testing program for all employees working on campus in partnership with Joffe Emergency Services in early February of 2021. Employee testing is conducted on average every two weeks.

Student Testing: All students who are participating in hybrid learning will be tested prior to starting hybrid learning and after Spring Break. Regular testing is currently being designed.

Submitting a Concern

COVID-19 Reporting: We encourage employees, students, and parents to report any violations of COVID-19 protocols not being followed. The Oregon Department of Education requires schools to have an anonymous avenue for reporting. Catlin Gabel uses SafeSchools. Our School identification number is 1832.

To report a violation contact Safe Schools:
Phone or text: (971) 351-1754