Campus Community COVID-19 Protocols

Prior to Arriving

Health Screening

  • The daily health screening must be completed before coming to campus or riding the bus.
  • Parents/guardians must take their student’s temperature each morning (not the night before) to accurately complete the Magnus Health App by the assigned time.
  • The first time a student arrives at school without a submitted screening, they will have their temperature taken and parents/guardians will be called for additional information. If a second screening is missed, parents/guardians will be notified to pick up their child from school for the day.
  • Employees will also submit daily screening information before arriving on campus.

When On-Campus


  • All students and employees must wear a mask on campus at all times. Masks should fit well and fully cover the nose and mouth and have at least 2 layers.
  • Masks with valves, gaiters, or bandannas cannot be used. Face shields can be used as an optional added layer of protection, but not alone. The CDC has developed mask guidelines, including material and acceptable types.


  • Students and faculty will follow a regular schedule of hand washing.
  • Hand washing stations and sanitizer will be available throughout campus to ensure easy access.

Physical Distancing

  • Students and employees are expected to maintain at least 6 feet distance from one another as much as possible throughout the day.
  • Bus capacity has been reduced so that students can sit at least six feet away from each other.


  • Each division has a different cohort model that will allow contact tracing and potential quarantining to be conducted as safely as possible.
  • Students are expected to remain in their designated “campus zones” to reduce mixing of cohorts or groups.
  • Employees will track their entry in and out of campus buildings using the C-Trace App.

Eating and Drinking

  • Lunchtime will be held outside for K-12 in different locations on campus with physical distancing between each student. Students must wear their face masks until they are ready to begin eating.
  • Water fountains are turned off. Contactless water stations are available, but students should bring water bottles to school each day.
  • The Barn (school cafeteria) is closed. No food or snacks will be available and students will not be able to use the microwaves.

Campus Health and Safety Updates

Density and Classrooms

  • Campus density has been reduced to decrease transmission risk and meet individual distancing guidelines. New teaching spaces have been assigned as needed.
  • Academic schedules have been designed to keep students in smaller, more consistent groups during the day.
  • Campus zones have been developed to minimize interactions between different cohorts or groups.
  • Middle and Upper School students will not use lockers or cubbies.

Enhanced Cleaning and Ventilation

  • All buildings will be cleaned mornings and afternoons each day by Catlin Gabel staff, including restrooms and high-traffic surface areas, such as door handles and handrails. Cleaning practices comply with ODE and CDC recommendations.
  • Classrooms have supplies to clean classroom surfaces as needed.
  • Buses will be cleaned after each morning and afternoon, as well as sprayed with a disinfectant that is safe for humans to reach all surfaces.
  • All ventilation systems meet or exceed requirements of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, and the CDC. Central air units and ductless air conditioners have the highest-rated filters available.