COVID-19 Resources

Keeping our community healthy will take all of us, as the decisions each of us makes have the potential to impact one another. We expect all community members to share in this responsibility by following the safety protocols we have established in response to COVID-19.

All Catlin Gabel families whose students will be on-campus have also signed a Community Agreement. Our practices are based on guidelines established by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Department of Education (ODE), and Center for Disease Control (CDC). Below is a summary of key safety measures that have been established.

For a complete list of all Catlin Gabel protocols and procedures, please see our Pandemic Management Plan, which is updated regularly to reflect ongoing alignment with state guidance.

COVID-19 “Top 5” Videos

Catlin Gabel has created a series of short, informational videos related to day-to-day procedures to help keep our community safe during COVID-19.

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On-Campus Protocols During Covid-19

Following established health practices is essential to protecting everyone at Catlin Gabel. Primary expectations for families, students, and employees are listed here.

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Covid-19 Health and Travel

Know when to stay home. This information is updated regularly to reflect current state recommendations.

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Covid-19 Testing and Reporting

Catlin Gabel includes testing as a layer of mitigation strategy for the safety of the community.

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Protocols for Campus Visitors

Visitors are limited at this time and are expected to follow our community guidelines.

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