Return to Campus: Hybrid Learning Plans

Catlin Gabel is developing a comprehensive return to campus plan for K-12 students. A more detailed timeline will be shared after the Oregon Department of Education releases updated advisory metrics, which are expected on or before January 19. Our state-certified preschool continues to operate Monday-Friday on our campus.

Since the Governor’s decision on December 23 to revise the state’s COVID-19 guidelines for in-person learning from mandatory to advisory, and after careful consideration of how to best support our community, we are transitioning to hybrid learning. The lower grades will transition first, followed by upper grades until all students are following divisional hybrid plans.

Catlin Gabel, like all schools, must follow ODE’s mandatory guidelines established last fall in its Ready Schools, Safe Learners plan for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in schools. We are fully committed and operationally ready to meet and exceed all health and safety standards outlined in our Pandemic Management Plan. Following these protocols will be essential to making in-person instruction successful and sustainable, and we expect all students and families to participate in them.

We recognize the tensions that deciding to return to campus can create. Since school campuses first closed last spring, the majority of schools in the U.S. opened in September and remain open, and the rate of transmission in schools is much lower than the general community. We have also learned much from our own preschool program, which has successfully offered in-person instruction since September.

Divisional Hybrid Schedule Overview

Remote Learning During Hybrid

Remote learning will be available for students at each division for whom hybrid learning is not an option due a health condition or family situation. However, the experience will be different than the current remote learning environment.

Matrix for Campus Activity

To help provide general guidance as to the types of activities that are available when the school is fully remote (level 3), in a hybrid model of remote and on-campus learning (level 2), or fully-returned to campus (level 1), please review the below matrix.

Community Updates 2020-21

We will continue to add dates and links to future communications regarding the 2020-21 academic year. For access to prior communications, please refer to our COVID-19 Information page.

Community Updates 2019-20


Our Guiding Principles

These five guiding principles inform our decision-making at every stage as we plan for a return to campus:

  1. We are committed to the physical and emotional well-being of our students, employees, and families, and equally committed to social responsibility and public health.
  2. We cannot eliminate all risk; our goal is to take reasonable steps to mitigate risk exposure and communicate those clearly, while considering local, national, and international health organization mandates and guidelines.
  3. We are committed to analyzing decisions based on their implications for the community’s health, the student experience, our families’ circumstances, and the financial implications for the school.
  4. We are committed to supporting the community through timely and accurate communications.
  5. For the safety of the community, decisions can change as more information becomes available.