Visiting Author Elizabeth Rush at Catlin Gabel


In support of Catlin Gabel’s sustainability initiative, we are pleased to welcome Elizabeth Rush, author of Rising, on December 10. She will interact with students, employees, and families across the divisions through day and evening events.

Rising explores the effects of sea-level rise on U.S communities, and explains how rising water levels destroy homes, displace families, and cause salinization of soil which destroys agricultural land. As with most effects of climate change, she reports, rising sea levels disproportionately affect communities of color. For her research on Rising, Ms. Rush traveled along the U.S coast and spoke with Americans directly impacted by this issue. Read more about Elizabeth Rush and Rising.

Catlin Gabel parents and guardians are invited to attend an Middle and Upper School assembly with Elizabeth Rush at 11 a.m. and a community session at 5:30 p.m. Access live links to the Elizabeth Rush events in the most recent Upper School newsletter.

At the end of each presentation, Ms. Rush will engage in a Q&A session that is open to all participants. During the event you may submit questions to the facilitator via the Zoom chat function.

For your listening pleasure, the Catlin Gabel Sustainability Team and Upper School students’ Environmental Action Team (EAT) teamed up to record an audiobook of RisingAccess the audiobook of Elizabeth Rush's Rising.