Community Supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Campaign


A personal appeal and matching gift from Alumnus and Trustee David Recordon ’04 inspires others to support important initiatives at Catlin Gabel 

A campaign launched by alumnus and trustee David Recordon ’04 received overwhelming support from the Catlin Gabel community in July, making it possible for the school to fund two impactful initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion work at Catlin Gabel.

Alumni, parents, grandparents, students, faculty, staff, and trustees responded to a heartfelt appeal from David, and his pledge to match gifts three-to-one up to $50,000. In just five days, the campaign received gifts from over 100 community members totaling over $86,000 – far exceeding the campaign goal.

In announcing the campaign to the school community, David emphasized the importance of supporting the initiatives by taking action now. “I know from personal conversations with Black students and alumni that life at Catlin remains challenging for the Black community and other communities of color,” he wrote. “We can and must do better, which is why I hope you’ll join me in focusing on these specific issues and finding ways to support current students.”

The outpouring of community support makes it possible for the school  to appoint a full-time Assistant Director of Inclusion and Outreach responsible for recruiting and supporting Black employees and people of color, and implement schoolwide anti-racist curriculum and cultural competency training for all employees.

Support for the campaign came in from Catlin Gabel community members around the world, including one alumnus in Hong Kong. Along with their contributions, donors added personal notes of support, and dedicated their gifts to individuals who have made meaningful contributions to equity and inclusion work at the school.

Multiple gifts were made in honor of The Catlin Gabel Board of Trustees, who recently announced structural changes they will be making that address systemic racism at the school. Details were shared in a July 24 message from Head of School Tim Bazemore and Board Chair Indira Nallakrishnan, Update on Steps Toward Racial Justice at Catlin Gabel.

David’s commitment to accelerate progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion is central to his professional pursuits as well, including his current role as Engineering Director for the philanthropic Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. David previously served as Engineering Director at Facebook, and Special Assistant to the President and the Director of White House Information Technology under Barack Obama. He was recognized by Catlin Gabel with the Distinguished Younger Alumni Award in 2017, and joined the Board of Trustees in 2019.

“Helping create change at Catlin Gabel is something that I’m passionate about,” David wrote in his message to the community, and engagement in the campaign “will help make Catlin Gabel a safer, brighter, and more inclusive place for every student in this coming 2020-2021 school year and beyond.”

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