Catlin Students Win Top Prize in Future Filmmakers Competition

Ima Kennerly in a scene from "Shadow"

Sophomores Ima Kennerly and Oscar Goranson have been awarded the top prize in the 2021 Portland Film Festival’s Future Filmmakers Monster Movie competition for their film “Shadow.”

Ima and Oscar wrote, filmed, and edited the film over the course of two weeks, using the Catlin campus for some scenes, and employing fellow students as actors. Ima plays the lead role in the film.

With “Shadow,” Ima and Oscar address themes of mental health and the stress teens face, particularly around issues of diversity. “We wanted to address things that were scary and stressful for us and apply them to our movie,” said Ima. “I focused on what it felt like to be a student of color in a predominately white school.”

Every year as a component of Comcast’s sponsorship of the Portland Film Festival, a Future Filmmakers workshop gives students the opportunity to make short films. This year, Future Filmmakers broadened to include all K-12 kids in the community, and made it into a contest with $2,500 in prizes awarded. Ima and Oscar received a $500 prize for winning the teen category.

“Participating in this contest has really inspired us to create more films,” said Oscar. “We’re already looking for more film festivals to submit movies to.”