Catlin Gabel recognized for a commitment to renewable energy

Sustainability and respect for the environment is taught and practiced at Catlin Gabel (Middle School science class on campus)


The school is demonstrating a commitment to sustainability with renewable energy purchases

For efforts to curb CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energy, Catlin Gabel has been recognized by Portland General Electric (PGE) as a model of environmental stewardship. The school's investment in renewable energy in 2020, PGE reports, prevented over 2 million pounds of CO2 from entering the air last year. 

Sustainability is a priority for Catlin Gabel, and a student-staff Sustainability Team has led the effort, engaging the school community in changing practices, policies, and curricula towards a more environmentally sustainable school and society. The student-led Environmental Action Team at Catlin Gabel has also played an important role in raising awareness and instituting change.

Both groups have asked for operational changes at Catlin Gabel, which led to the school's choice to participate in PGE's Green Future Enterprise program, which supports efforts to purchase renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions. Catlin Gabel was one of 225,000 households and businesses in the metro area that participated in the program.  

"We believe climate change is one of the most pressing issues in today’s world," the Sustainability Team said in a statement of purpose, "and we are committed to educating students about responsible action as well as to inspiring institutional shifts to reduce the school’s environmental impact."

Catlin Gabel's investment in renewable energy in 2020 had significant results, as reported by PGE:

  • Catlin Gabel purchased 1,343,340 kWh of renewable energy
  • That energy prevented 2,098,805 lbs. of CO2 from entering the air
  • The energy savings is the equivalent of not a driving a car 2,392,568 miles

Learn more. Read about Catlin Gabel's commitment to sustainability and access helpful information from our Sustainability Team.