Catlin Gabel Athletics Recognized for Integrity by OSAA

Eagles named official S.T.A.R. school for community conduct and game management

The Oregon State Athletics Association (OSAA) has named Catlin Gabel an official S.T.A.R. School for the 2022-2023 school year. The school is one of three in Oregon to receive this designation. In announcing the honor, OSAA officials praised Catlin Gabel Athletics game management practices and the ways our community engages and conducts themselves during competitions.

OSAA began the S.T.A.R. initiative which stands for safety, tolerance, acceptance, and respect in fall 2022 to provide resources and training to help schools combat racism and discrimination at high school athletic events. To meet the S.T.A.R. school standards, a school must implement event management strategies with the intention of providing the safest and most welcoming environment to all who attend OSAA sanctioned events. See details about the S.T.A.R school standards and the other schools honored.

“We appreciate the OSAA and other schools emphasizing sportsmanship, acceptance, and support for all players and teams,” says Catlin Gabel Head of School Tim Bazemore. “Inclusion is a core value at our school, and one we try to practice in all situations, particularly when we welcome visiting players and families to our campus. We appreciate that the spirit of the STAR recognition embraces this value as well.”

Catlin Gabel’s mission and values reflect the school’s commitment to the idea that “we are stronger when we lean into our differences, when we not only listed to each other and explore assumptions but when we create space for new ways of thinking and understanding together. This recognition from OSAA is one indication of the ways in which the Catlin Gabel community is working to put our beliefs into action.