Clubs & Affinity Groups

Catlin Gabel supports active learning, both in the classroom and through a wide array of extracurricular activities. A variety of student organizations in the Upper School address the needs and interests of students.

Catlin Gabel Clubs can be large or small, national and international or unique to our school, or time-consuming or low impact, but each organization is run by a group of students who work closely with faculty advisors.

Affinity Groups are one avenue for people in our community who are having a minority experience to have a majority experience. Upper School student affinity groups are student-initiated and student-run and have proven a positive vehicle for creating authentic connections. Any student can suggest an affinity group based on their experience or identity. People who join affinity groups must speak from the I-perspective and use our community norms

Here is this year's schedule:


ARTivisim Anime  AWESEM 99% Affinity Asian Pride 
Card Club BSU Chess Club AAPI CG Geopolital Society
CommuniCare History Club InvenTeam Adoption Affinity Dough Club
compSci.get(help) Keep Portland Reading JSA AQE Feminisim Club
Entrepeneurship Clib Marimba Club Liberation Literacy Conservative Voices Healting Hands
Fandom Club Model UN Music Collaboration  Desi Improv Club
Jam Club Robotics Psychology Latinx Robotics Managers
JSU Yearbook Student Environmental Action Middle Eastern Affinity Taiko Club
Kids' Club   Ujima Multi-Culti  Yearbook
SAFE   Yearbook Open Space  
Science Bowl     TRIBE  
Taiko Club        






AWSEM (Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics) is an advocacy program for girls in the Middle and Upper Schools. AWSEM meetings consist of hands-on activities for Middle School girls and are planned and facilitated by Upper School girls. Our mission is to inspire girls to be curious about science, foster a sense of empowerment, and consider pursuing education and careers in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology fields.










Kids Club

The intention of the Kids Club is to help Portland's underprivileged youth through the Boys and Girls Club of America nonprofit organization. One mission for each member of the club is to volunteer at various Boys and Girls Clubs around Portland throughout the year and participate in organizing or facilitating an athletic clinic. Over the course of the year, we hope to provide three different two-hour athletic clinics at three different clubs.










Asian Pride

Asian Pride Club is a completely non-exclusive club that strives to explore Asian culture both in the past and present day, provide a safe space for Asian students to feel proud of their background without stereotypes enforced upon them, and aims to tackle remaining racism through addressing controversial conversations on what it means to be an Asian-American.


CommuniCare Club works with the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Care Foundation to raise money for nonprofits in the Portland metro area. At the beginning of each year, we ask Upper School students to help us come up with a mission statement regarding what kind of organizations we want to fund that year (such as education, hunger, or homelessness). After researching organizations that fit our mission statement and inviting them to write a grant proposal for us, we select a few organizations and donate the money we raised throughout the year to them. The club is fun, rewarding, and a great learning experience!


Equality Enforcers

Equality Enforcers is a club that combines the networks of four international organizations (Girl Up, She's The First, Girls Learn International, and Lean In) that promote leadership, education, and empowerment for girls on a global scale.

Garden Club

The garden club is dedicated to helping maintain the Lower, Middle, and Upper School gardens, as well as the orchard and beehive. Additionally, we work to decrease the amount of herbicides and pesticides used on the Catlin Gabel campus with respect to our environment. Garden Club is meant to be a relaxing club where you attend when you are able to, thus there is no constrictive time commitment.









Infinote is Catlin Gabel's all girls' acapella group. Members create musical arrangements of current and classic songs that the group then performs, using only our voices. We strive to include everyone interested in participating, regardless of discrepancies in previous singing experience and stage confidence. We perform as a group at assemblies and at Upper School music concerts throughout the year.


InvenTeam is a club where students learn how to take ideas and turn them into real world solutions. In order to bring something novel through a design process, students learn technical, communication, grant-writing, web design, and marketing skills. We target a specific need and stay in contact with a customer as we use basic hand tools and materials to solve daily problems for people in developing countries through invention. With a philanthropic focus, the InvenTeam club looks to solve global problems on a local level.



Junior State of America is a student-run, non-partisan, nonprofit political awareness club that gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions on local, state, national, and world issues.

Marimba Club

Marimba Club is open to anybody, regardless of prior music or marimba experience. We spend our club meetings learning a variety of songs, each with parts for everybody. Because there is a diversity of abilities and experience, the more experienced members help newer members, which make the Marimba Club a great learning environment. We hope to have a performance by the end of the year.

Math Team

The Catlin Gabel Math Team is a nationally ranked and state-champion competitive math team. All members gain admission to the National Math League Contests, Mandelbrot Competition, American Math Contests, and National Assessment & Testing Math Contests. We are a growing team always looking for interested and dedicated students.

Model United Nations

Catlin Gabel Model United Nations aims to foster global citizenship by preparing students to act as country ambassadors who effectively respond to global challenges, debate and resolve problems collaboratively, and work toward a more just and peaceful future. Throughout the year, we prepare for a state-wide conference in which hundreds of high-school students participate in a simulation for the peacekeeping practices of the true United Nations.

Mu Alpha Theta

We are a nationally recognized chapter of the mathematics honor society Mu Alpha Theta, which seeks to advance public understanding and appreciation of mathematics and its versatile applications. All Catlin Gabel Mu Alpha Theta members have the option to be inducted as full or associate members of this national honor society, and in the past we have completed projects such as producing an original mathematical comedy film that was judged by Emmy and Golden Globe award winners and awarded 3rd place in the United States by Dartmouth University.


Robotics is the flagship activity of the engineering program at Catlin Gabel.  Members of the team compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition as Team 1540, the Flaming Chickens. While it’s called Robotics, and we DO build competition robots, this is really about working together to do something bigger than ourselves.  Everyone brings their skills and energy to the table and we make the impossible happen.  We compete in events around the area and at the World Championship, where we've qualified for eight out of the past nine years (more than any other team in the NW.)  Robotics is run like a small business, with opportunities for students to pursue management, public speaking, outreach, video production, and graphic design in addition to the traditional technical departments of mechanical, software and control systems.  Much more can be found at the team website, 








Science Bowl

Science Bowl is a fast-paced, Jeopardy!-style team competition held by the US Department of Energy that challenges team members to answer rapid-fire questions on a variety of disciplines including biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, energy, and math. Catlin Gabel's Science Bowl team has placed 1st in the state of Oregon and is eager to hear from any prospective members who have an interest in science learning and competition in a closely-knit team setting.

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad has been called one of the premier science competitions in the nation. Teams divide into smaller teams of two to three students who focus on particular “events," which span a wide variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects and procedures. Whether you are interested in conducting chemical lab experiments with a year-long Science Olympiad partner, or are looking to design and build a structure with real-world applications in aerospace engineering, Science Olympiad has a place for you.

Taiko Club

Taiko Club is a chance for students to learn about taiko (Japanese group drumming). We learn how to play taiko, talk about its history and cultural context in the U.S., and perform a few times during the year at school events.


Students and Friends for Equality (S.A.F.E. is Catlin Gabel’s Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity and Allies Alliance) SAFE acknowledges and celebrates differences in the community. We maintain awareness of LGBTQ issues here at school and in the larger world. SAFE provides a friendly and inclusive environment for all club attendees. We honor the privacy and confidentiality of others, and we do not engage in gossip.

Black Student Union

Catlin Gabel Black Student Union works to promote awareness of the black experience through facilitating open dialogue about race in our local community and engaging in events with the Black Community in Portland. The BSU encourages participation from people of all races, providing an affinity space for black students and allies. We do this because knowledge and awareness are the first steps in achieving change.


UJIMA is a club that celebrates and advocates for diversity and inclusivity at Catlin. We welcome people from all backgrounds and identities. The club is responsible for organizing Catlin’s annual Diversity Conference and other community events centered on identity and diversity. UJIMA is a group that brings together multiple single identity based clubs including Students and Friends for Equality (SAFE), the Black Student Union (BSU), and Asian Pride club (AP). Members of the club have participated in multiple national diversity conferences including the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and the White Privilege Conference. Each year, the club adapts to current diversity topics the school is working on.

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