Lower School

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Please note: The application deadline to apply for 2019-20 has passed. We will begin the application process for 2020-21 September 3, 2019.

Campus Tour

A small group tour of the campus including classroom observations and an opportunity to ask an admission officer questions. To avoid disruption to our current students, we ask that these tours be attended by adults only.

Tours are available September through January.

Application Forms

The online application includes a series of questions for parents/guardians. This is one of the best opportunities to share information about your family. All applications will be read by the admission committee.

Teacher Evaluation

Send the online evaluation form to your child's current teacher. Please do not send this request until after November 1; this will allow the teacher time to get to know your child. You should have the teacher's full name and email available when you are ready to send the evaluation.

School Records

Print, sign, and submit a records request to your child's current school.

Student Visit

Applicants who have completed the application for admission by the final deadline will be invited to participate in a student visit.

Shortly after the January deadline, we will email you with the details of your child's visit, including their assigned two- to three-hour time slot.

The visit is an opportunity for applicants and teachers to get to know each other by spending time together in a classroom setting. Students will participate in a variety of activities involving cooperative play, silent and oral reading, writing, and math. We realize this can be a particularly worrying part of the admission process and we work hard to ensure students have fun during their visit.

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Key Dates

Dec 20, 2018: Reduced Fee ($50*) application deadline

Jan 15, 2019: Regular Fee ($75*) application deadline

Feb 1, 2019: Visit Day for all Lower School applicants

Feb 8, 2019: Financial Assistance application deadline

Mar 8, 2019: Admission & Financial Assistance decisions delivered via email

Mar 20, 2019: Signed enrollment agreements & deposits due

Fee Waiver

To request an application fee waiver, please complete the fee waiver request form

Request Waiver

Quick Facts

40 students on average in each grade with two homerooms of 20 students

Each homeroom has one lead teacher and an assistant

Teacher specialists for science, music, art, PE/wellness, woodshop, library, and modern languages (Mandarin & Spanish)

Three parent-teacher conferences per year

Daily 20-minute mid-morning and 45-minute lunch recess

Field trips throughout the year and an annual class trip with at least one overnight stay

An independent preschool through 12th grade day school in Portland, Oregon
8825 SW Barnes Road,
Portland, Oregon 97225 |
503-297-1894 |

Explore why Catlin Gabel is a national leader in progressive education.

We welcome more than 100 new families annually to our inclusive community from the Portland area and beyond.


A demanding and engaging program in which each student is the unit of consideration

Playing sports involves life lessons in determination, grace, and resilience. We invite everyone to be part of a team.

Extensive support ensures our students are successful.

Learn about Catlin Gabel news and events on campus and beyond.

We foster a community that appreciates our differences and recognizes our essential unity

Every gift benefits our students. Every volunteer hour builds our community.

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