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2018 Season Re-cap

The Eagles took flight during the Valiant Invitational season opener this year, showing early potential to what lead to an amazing season conclusion! With the group doubling in size compared to last year; Returning athletes set such a great example for the new incoming athletes, that it seemed we had a team of veterans going into our first meet. The teams synergy from day one played such a huge roll in the succession of their 2018 season! Catlin dominated all 3 schools from start to finish, with season/personal records being set all across the board!

A handful of athletes had the pleasure of being invited to 3 of Oregon's biggest track & field invitationals, with one of the athletes of the bunch being new to the sport! The Eagles hard work and determination was a mirror effect of the times, jumps and throws being executed meet after meet! Mid season always consists of many big invitationals in which the freshman and new comers handled with confidence and finesse! Catlins uncanny ability to follow instructions, made the team an unforeseeable force come league championships!

Towards the end of the season is where The Eagles really began to soar to new heights! The meet started off highly in Catlin's favor with both 4x1 teams prevailing over all 7 schools. The girls team really showed their true abilities throughout the entire meet, finishing first with 133 points; dominating 2nd(Clatskanie) with 90 points! Going strong in every event possible, the boys team started to fall short; due to the depth of Clatskanie's field and hurdle team. The boys went event for event with Clatskanie. Down by 4.5 points with only one event left(4x4 relay) the boys knew they had to leave it all on the track; In which they did, edging out Clatskanie with a score 0f 166.5 to 162.0 concluding the season with two league championship titles!



Men 2nd at district and women 3rd

Men 5th at state and women 17th


men and women 2nd at districts

men 7th and women 11th at state


Men 3rd and women 1st at districts

Men 17th and women 2nd at state


men 6th and women 2nd at district

men 30th and women 2nd at state


Men 12th and women 1st at state


Mens 17 and women 1st at state


Men 15th and women 1st at state


Men 2nd at state and women 2nd at state


Men 10th at state and women 2nd at state


Men 2nd at state and women 1st at state


There is a long and proud tradition of Track and Field at Catlin Gabel. We focus on individual improvement and achievement whether you are leading the pack or pushing the pack we are all meant to feel like a valued member of the team and the tradition of running, jumping and throwing. Daily practice and workouts are meant to strengthen athlete’s endurance thresholds and their speed, while we focus on strength and techniques with the throwers. We structure workouts such that no one feels like they are always bringing up the rear, but we hope that all athletes feel like they are part of the pack. Athletes are challenged to compete with themselves and to set goals for themselves as a team. Some athletes set fitness goals and others set their personal and team goals to be top runners at district and state. We as a coaching staff find a path for each athlete to experience success and hopefully hit their marks! Teamwork and sportsmanship are key parts to the success of our program. Athletes are reminded in practice and race day to “win with dignity and lose with honor.” They are encouraged to cheer for everyone in the race and to shake the hand of their competitors at the end of the race regardless of the outcome. The track and Field program at Catlin Gabel has never been a stronger or more fun sport for athletes to participate and compete.13’6” at the Jesuit Twilight meet. At the state meet senior Ian Smith ran a personal best in each event including a very impressive 2nd place in the 110 hurdles, which broke the school record. With a very strong and committed group of freshmen, sophomores and juniors, next year looks to be a very exciting year for CG track and field.

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