Upper School Code of Conduct

Respect and Responsibility

Students are expected to demonstrate respect for self, others, and the environment. Behavior that is detrimental to the spirit and welfare of Catlin Gabel or to its individual members is subject to disciplinary action. The following are not acceptable in this community.

    • Disruptive behavior: actions that interfere with the educational environment or process, or that are detrimental to the welfare of others.
    • Vandalism: intentional damage, defacing, or destroying of property.
    • Verbal abuse, harassment, and intimidation: put downs, insults, jokes, slander, and ostracism. Language or behavior that insults, demeans, ridicules, or torments another person. Acts that have the effect of (a) physically harming a student or damaging a student’s property; (b) knowingly placing a student in reasonable fear of physical harm to the student or damage to the student’s property; or (c) creating a hostile educational environment, including interfering with the psychological well-being of a student. Intentional threats by words or actions.
    treating someone differently or unfairly because of their race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion—either within or outside of the school community.

Repeated examples of the above behaviors when directed at other community members are considered bullying and will not be tolerated.

Alcohol and Drugs

Catlin Gabel holds the physical, mental, and emotional safety and security of our students as a top priority. We recognize that involvement with alcohol and other drugs can interfere with a student’s academic, physical, emotional, and social development. We also have an obligation to abide by state and federal law and to require our students to do the same.

In furtherance of our mission and values, and in accordance with applicable state and federal law, Catlin Gabel School prohibits the use, purchase, possession, distribution, or sale of alcohol or other drugs* on school property at any time by students, as well as at school-related, school-sponsored, or school-sanctioned events or activities regardless of location. If the school community is affected by the student’s alcohol or drug use, we consider it within our purview to act in order to protect the community. Violation of this policy will lead to an appearance before the Judicial Council and discipline could include suspension or expulsion.

We recognize that abuse of alcohol and other drugs is a treatable health problem. Students who are concerned about themselves or a fellow student are encouraged to take the initiative to seek help from an adult on campus. Any student identified, by self or others, as possibly having a problem involving alcohol or drug use may be encouraged to seek professional consultation and treatment, even if there has not been a violation of school rules. In such a situation involving the student’s strictly personal use of alcohol or drugs, no disciplinary sanctions will be imposed if the student is peer- or self-referred or not “caught” in violation of school policy.

It will be a violation of this policy for anyone to retaliate in any way against a person who participates or cooperates in an investigation of violation of this policy. Retaliation is a serious matter and would the basis of separate disciplinary action.

* The use of the term “drugs” does not include a student’s prescription or over-the-counter medication, when taken consistent with the instructions.

Students who possess, distribute, sell, or give evidence of having consumed or used alcohol or illegal drugs during or prior to a school activity, shall be subject to both professional assessment of their use and appropriate discipline. Discipline will typically involve suspension, and may involve expulsion.

Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited on the school’s property or at events sponsored by the school.

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