Palma Scholars FAQ

What is the amount of the Palma Scholars award?

The intent of the Palma Scholarship is to honor the accomplishments of the students as well as their potential by providing funding towards Upper School tuition. The specific amount of the award each Scholar receives will depend on several factors including the number of Scholars selected each year and the amount of funds available from the endowment. Awards are typically around 25% of tuition, renewed each year, and additional need-based aid is available for students who require further financial support. Scholarship decision letters will outline the total Palma award package for all four years and will be delivered with the admission decision.

Do I need to apply for financial assistance?

Families interested in receiving need-based financial assistance above and beyond the Palma Scholarship amount should apply by the February 2, 2018, deadline. It is important that you submit your financial assistance application by this deadline or we cannot consider you for need-based assistance in addition to the scholarship. Families will receive their total scholarship and need-based decisions along with their offer of admission. Although the amount of the Palma Scholarship will remain fixed for the duration of enrollment, the need-based portion of the award could change if a family's financial situation changes in subsequent years.

What if I am a financial assistance recipient and selected for a Palma Scholarship?

Families will know the total amount of the financial assistance award at the time admission decisions are made. The amount of the Palma Scholars award will remain fixed during the duration of enrollment. However, the need-based portion of the award could change if a family's financial situation changes.

What if my first semester grades are not available by the deadline?

Most schools will be able to submit first semester grades by mid-January, and that is fine. If you anticipate your transcript arriving later than January 31, please contact the admission office.

What level of athlete do I need to be for consideration?

Student-athletes applying for the award should be competing in athletics at a high level. This is an intentionally broad statement because there are many ways to demonstrate this requirement. High-level athletics could include regional or national level competition in a single sport. An applicant could also be considered high-level through competition on multiple varsity-level teams.

I don't currently do community service. Would I still be considered?

Yes, you can still be considered for the program. We are looking at each application in a holistic manner. Applicants should have an interest in making a difference in their school and community that can be demonstrated in their application, essays, or teacher evaluations. All Catlin Gabel students participate in community service, and we expect our Palma Scholars to become leaders in this area.

What criteria for leadership will you use when considering applicants?

Students can demonstrate leadership in a variety of ways. Various roles in sports teams, school clubs, and community organizations all could constitute leadership. Students should demonstrate a willingness to make positive changes within their school and community as they progress through the program. In essence, Palma Scholars should have the empathy to see the problems and issues around them and the acumen to create actionable solutions. These students will serve as catalysts for their classmates.

If I am not selected to be a Palma Scholar, will I still be considered for admission?

Absolutely. Students who apply to be Palma Scholars but are not selected will still be considered for admission and are fully eligible for other scholarships and financial assistance opportunities. Please remember, the Palma Scholars Program is a highly competitive opportunity, so if you are not chosen we are still very interested in your application. These candidates will be considered by the admission committee and decisions will be delivered in March.

If I am selected as a finalist for the program will I be admitted to the school?

About a dozen students are selected as finalists for the program and asked to return to campus for a full day of activities with current Palma Scholars, the Palma Scholars Program Director, and Catlin Gabel faculty. Finalists are often, but not always, offered admission to the school. Please contact Dave Whitson, Palma Scholars Program Director, at for more information on the finalist day and the selection process.
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