Middle School Dances

Middle School dances are on Fridays—usually three per year.

Each grade sponsors one dance. Students and parents are enlisted for set up, decorating, clean up, or shopping for supplies. Grade-level team leaders will let you know how you can help.

Dance evenings are accompanied by a range of emotions from enthusiasm to disappointment—sometimes during the same one-hour period. You might find that your son or daughter talked about the dance for weeks in advance but has trouble getting out of the car—it’s OK.

Dances can be a big deal to the students. We all know this. We make a special effort to watch out for students who are upset or emotional throughout the evening.

Information for New Students

All MS students are told the rules, and the 6th grade spends time discussing what happens during the event. Students are not allowed to leave the Barn or the porch and must check in with an adult at the front door when they arrive.

You may also want to talk to your child about what to expect. Young people still dance in front of the mirror before they leave the house, some dance, some hang out, and the festivities still end with the longest, most timeless song ever—"Stairway to Heaven." Remember that?

Dance Guests

We want students to invite guests, but we also want to be sure that dances are safe and enjoyable. Too many guests make things difficult to manage. Students are responsible for signing up friends (including the friend's contact information) prior to the dance and informing them of school norms.  If you have additional thoughts or questions, please let Barbara Ostos know.


Parents are welcome to check out how the Barn is transformed for the night, see the food spread (just snacks and breath mints), sample the music (provided by a DJ), or share information with a teacher (tell him or her about a student’s need for an early departure, for example) but middle school dances are for the students. It’s their chance to be independent. The only adults that stay for the entire three hours are the teacher-chaperones.

Sometimes during dances PFA reps and Barbara Ostos host parent evenings on various topics. Stay tuned to the Peek at the Week for future topics.

Additional Information

There is typically a small admission or donation fee to attend the dance. On occasion, there are themes. We’ll let you know!

If you have questions about the dance, please ask your child’s C&C advisor.

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