Catlin Gabel Fund

The CG Fund is Catlin Gabel's “annual fund" and provides critical support for immediate spending during the school year. The CG Fund flows into every area of the school and student experience. Every gift matters and is an expression of your appreciation for a Catlin Gabel education.



What is the Catlin Gabel Fund, and how does it benefit each student?

The Catlin Gabel Fund enhances the school's budget with contributions that support our low 7:1 student teacher ratio, exceptional teachers, and outstanding academic programs. The fund allows us to grow and innovate by adding programs such as robotics, outdoor education, and Mandarin Chinese language studies that heighten our students' learning experience.

Why do we need the Catlin Gabel Fund?

Gifts to the fund are the distinguishing factor that makes Catlin Gabel an enriching experience for students. Tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating our students; tuition and fees cover only 85 percent of the school's budget. The remaining 15 percent, equivalent to $2,197 per student, is funded by individual donations to the Catlin Gabel Fund and endowment earnings.

What can I expect?

You will receive a letter asking for your contribution to the Catlin Gabel Fund. A volunteer may follow up with you, asking you to make your gift between October and December. Gifts to the fund come in all sizes and are based on what each donor can afford and how you wish to express your family's priorities and interests. Two community events also support the Catlin Gabel Fund: our annual auction and the student-led walkathon, Tuition on the Track. We hope you participate as fully as possible.

How does parent giving work?

As a Catlin Gabel family you will receive a letter in mid-September asking for your support. In the beginning of October, a member of our terrific parent volunteer team will call to ask for your contribution. The fund runs from October through December, so even if you can't make a gift then, make a pledge and pay later. Our aim is 100 percent parent participation. This means that a donation of any size is important and counts toward participation. Foundations and other organizations evaluate the participation of our parents, board of trustees, and faculty-staff. Join us in supporting all that we love about our school: low student-teacher ratio, outstanding academic programs, and exceptional teachers.

If you have further questions, please contact Lea Trefsgar, Catlin Gabel Fund Associate Director, at 503-297-1894 x5032.

Why isn’t tuition enough?

Your gift supports the people and programs that make Catlin Gabel special. This includes amazing teachers, small classes, and resources like up-to-date technology. Tuition and fees cover only 85% of our annual budget; each year generous donors make up the difference.

What is participation and how is a gift of any amount really helpful?

Participation is the percentage of supporters who give a gift of any size. These high percentages indicate a vote of confidence for outside funding organizations who evaluate our community's support. We aim for 100% participation from our families, board of trustees, and faculty-staff. A gift of any amount counts toward participation and is greatly appreciated.

Where does my CG Fund donation go?

You can see your generosity at work everywhere on campus including teacher salaries and benefits, educational technology and equipment, continuing education for teachers, daily necessities, and everything from arts to athletics. Your donation can support the area you love: you can designate your gift to a particular division, you can make a gift in honor of a teacher or coach, or you can support your favorite program from outdoor education to robotics.

Why does the CG Fund goal increase every year?

The goal increases annually because operational costs go up and the fund must help balance the budget.

How does my support of the auction and the walkathon benefit the CG Fund?

Net proceeds from these two events support the CG Fund and are greatly appreciated. 100% of donations to Tuition on the Track and the auction paddle raise support the CG Fund. A portion of the net revenue from auction tickets and purchased items also support the CG Fund.



Two events support the Catlin Gabel Fund: the annual auction and Tuition on the Track, a student-led walkathon.

Contact Lea TrefsgarCatlin Gabel Fund Associate Director, for more information about the Catlin Gabel Fund.

Contact Caroll Casbeer, stewardship and events manager, for more information about the auction or Tuition on the Track.

CG Fund Committee

Heather Baskin, co-chair

Lana Finley, co-chair

Tina Lam, board liaison

Laura Gordon, US division rep

Laura Bueermann, 12th grade rep

Nelson Lam, 11th grade rep

Megan Galaher, 10th grade rep

Abby Nagy, 9th grade rep

MS division

Patrick O'Neill, 8th grade rep

June Fernandez, 7th grade rep

Jay Gratchner, 6th grade rep 

Robin Skarstad, LS division rep  

Gina Wand, 5th grade rep

Scott Cooley, 4th grade rep

Ajay Malhotra, 3rd grade rep

Genie Kaady, 2nd grade rep

Laura Scott, 1st grade rep

Carly Fujita, BS division rep

Pat Darragh, kindergarten rep

Kate Hall, pre-kindergarten rep










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