Partnership with Parents

student walking to school with motherWe are a team! A strong home–school partnership to support each child is at the heart of our work. We invite parents to stay informed and connected in the following ways. Communication from the school include classroom updates from teachers, and the weekly online Breeze newsletter.

  • Talk to your child’s teacher. Quick check-ins can be done in person at the end of the school day, on the phone, or by email. Arrange for an appointment when more time is needed. In the spirit of healthy communication, we ask parents to speak directly to their child’s teachers before taking questions or concerns to the division head.
  • Join us for monthly parent coffees with Lower School head Vicki Swartz Roscoe to get news and talk about what is on your mind.
  • Participate in regular Parent Faculty Association meetings. Parent volunteers are vital in building long-term cross-family relationships and supporting classroom and schoolwide events.
  • Attend the Back-to-School Night at the start of the school year for curricular overviews and a peek at the year ahead.
  • Enjoy student performances starring your child! The Harvest Festival, Revels, and Spring Festival are some of the cornerstone events when Lower School students share songs and dances from music class.
  • Participate in the parent-teacher conferences held three times each year:
    • September: We believe that as parents, you know your child best. We want to get to know you and your child. Parents do most of the sharing during this conference and teachers mostly listen.
    • November: The teacher does most of the sharing about your child in this conference.
    • March: Your child leads the conference and reflects on his or her learning.
  • Create the space and time for your child to do homework. The Lower School believes that developmentally appropriate and well-designed homework builds a foundation for self-discipline and lifelong learning. It also provides extra practice building skills. Children increasingly take responsibility for their own learning and workmanship through the process of completing homework. Parents are asked to support their child in becoming independent in this process.
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