Absences & Tardiness

Classrooms are opened at 8:10 a.m. and the school day begins at 8:20 a.m. If your child arrives at school after 8:20 a.m., please sign them in at the Lower School office.

After School Program (ASP) Changes

If your child’s change of plans involves the After-School Program, please do the following:

971-865-2099 and leave a message. You can also email any changes to asp@catlin.edu and we will get a message to your child.


Children in the Lower School often celebrate their birthdays by bringing a treat to share, and may choose to make a "birthday book" gift to the library. Children having a birthday party for some but not all classmates are required to make invitations outside of school and are asked to be sensitive to the feelings of those not invited. Teacher help with this is sometimes essential. We also ask that birthday gatherings not leave from school. Families are encouraged to invite all of the boys or girls from their homeroom classrooms if possible so that all are included.

Change of Plans

At some point during the year your child’s after school pick-up plans will surely change. We have procedures in place to ensure your child will receive the message.

Please call Julie at 971-865-2012 and leave a message for your child. Please do this as early in the day as possible. Julie will deliver the message to the student.

Community Meetings

On most Fridays from 2:20 to 3 p.m. all children and faculty attend the community meeting in the library. Singing, storytelling, skits and plays, curricular presentations, and more are shared with the entire Lower School community at this time.

First Grade Buddies

Seniors are partnered with 1st graders in the fall and enjoy a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, attend the assembly before winter vacation together, and make a trip to the zoo in the spring. This is a highly anticipated and savored relationship across divisions.


When your child is going to be absent due to illness, please call the Lower School office at 971-865-2012 by 9 a.m. After 9 a.m. Julie will call all parents of absent students. Leaving a message for the office in the morning will help limit unnecessary phone calls and is very much appreciated. You can also leave a message at the main number, 503-297-1894, at any time in the morning, and the receptionist will forward it to the Lower School.

Leaving Early

There are times when a student needs to leave school early. On these occasions please let the homeroom teacher know so arrangements can be made. The teachers will then inform the Lower School office. Please sign your child out on the clipboard in the Lower School office if your child leaves before the end of the school day.

Lunch Bunches

Lunch Bunches take place during lunch recess and are run by a faculty member. Topics include Lego building (and discussions about power), dealing with changes (such as divorce), coin collecting, and crafts.


The Breeze

The Breeze is the Lower School newsletter, published on Fridays and available digitally. Each Friday The Breeze will be emailed to you. If you do not have access to a computer please call Julie at 971-865-2012, and other arrangements will be made.

You can view all issues of The Breeze here.

The deadline for submissions to The Breeze is Thursday at noon.


Parent volunteers work with teachers and students to put together a Lower School yearbook each spring, featuring class photos, student poetry, and artwork.


When your child goes on vacation please let the office and the homeroom teachers know either by e-mail, a phone call, or with a note to the homeroom teacher.

Community and Conversation

The Lower School C & C’s provide the space and time to build long standing relationships and increase the sense of community and connection beyond peers in the same grade. They meet an average of once a month during Community Meeting times or over lunch. These groups are small with approximately 13 students spanning grades first through fifth. Each group is co-facilitated by two Lower School adults and students will remain in the same group over their entire Lower School experience.


In the Lower School, we love to have our students mix it up socially. We want the children to identify, question, and cross social boundaries. We want everyone to feel a sense of belonging and to have the skills to engage with others respectfully. We use our C & C’s to provide a small group forum for important topics such as cultural competency and community engagement.


Some specific goals we have this year are from the Teaching Tolerance Anti-Bias Framework :


·      I have accurate, respectful words to describe how I am similar to and different from people who share my identities and those who have other identities. 


·      I want to know more about other people’s lives and experiences, and I know how to ask questions respectfully and listen carefully and non-judgmentally


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