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Catlin Gabel supports students at every stage in their development, nurturing their intellect, feeding their curiosity, and helping them to build confidence and character. 

The benefits of a Catlin Gabel education last a lifetime, and so does your personal connection to the school. By supporting the Catlin Gabel Fund you can extend that positive experience to a new generation. There is almost no limit to what a Catlin Gabel student can accomplish.  

Our teachers are the bedrock of extraordinary student experience. Honor a teacher today!

“I feel where our son’s growth has really happened is through the experiential learning. Catlin Gabel is teaching him to be an independent thinker and to question, challenge, and explore. So he loves everything about school. He doesn’t even realize he’s learning—it just seems so organic. He’s trying new things, and he’s doing it with friends in a comfortable, safe environment.

I give so students can continue to have this powerful experience.” 


“I’m happy that the basic values of the school, the way we teach, and the relationship with parents, students, faculty, and administration, are much the same as when I got here. It looks a little different but the progressive principles are the same. It’s people from all different sorts of backgrounds that are coming together because of the things that they believe in when it comes to the education of their children.

I give because I believe in the mission of Catlin Gabel.” 

“Miss Catlin said that ‘each pupil is the unit of consideration’—each one had his or her own needs and challenges. And the goal of each teacher throughout the school was to help each child take responsibility for her or his own learning. We also underscore lifelong learning—you don’t stop when you get a diploma. This is a mindset, and an expectation that starts the day you arrive as a new student.

I give because a Catlin Gabel education has enduring value.” 



An independent preschool through 12th grade day school in Portland, Oregon
8825 SW Barnes Road,
Portland, Oregon 97225 |
503-297-1894 |

Explore why Catlin Gabel is a national leader in progressive education.

We welcome more than 100 new families annually to our inclusive community from the Portland area and beyond.

A demanding and engaging program in which each student is the unit of consideration

Playing sports involves life lessons in determination, grace, and resilience. We invite everyone to be part of a team.

Extensive support ensures our students are successful.

Learn about Catlin Gabel news and events on campus and beyond.

We foster a community that appreciates our differences and recognizes our essential unity

Every gift benefits our students. Every volunteer hour builds our community.

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