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Catlin Gabel Robotics Advances to PNW Championship
Posted 03/10/2019 01:00PM


By Dale Yocum, March 16, 2019

The Catlin Gabel US robotics team, the Flaming Chickens, has just completed our two district qualifiers with the strongest district showing I can remember and is advancing to the PNW Championships in Tacoma in two weeks.  In both of our qualifiers we were ranked #1 going into alliance selection which is the first time that’s happened in our history of district competition.  This is quite a team and quite a robot.

At our first qualifier in Wilsonville last weekend we were on quite a streak going undefeated throughout all of the qualifying matches.  We likely would have won the whole event had we not sprung an air leak in the crucial last seconds of the 2nd semifinal match under withering defense from Wilsonville’s team.  That cost us the match by one point and ended our run there.  We did win the autonomous award for all of our awesome software that is so effective at the beginnings of every match acquiring and placing game pieces.

At our second qualifier in Oregon City we also ended as the #1 robot.  This time we picked Wilsonville’s Error Code Xero, yes the ones who gave us such strong defense the previous week, as our first pick and A05 Annex from Hood River (last year’s rookie team we helped get rolling) and that proved a great alliance until some technical issues afflicted us in semifinals along with some penalties called on our alliance partner from Hood River.  Still we did better than some of the other legendary teams in Oregon including Mean Machine from Camas and Shockwave from Hillsboro who had teamed up but were knocked out in the quarter finals.  We also won the Quality Award at Oregon City for what is clearly a robot of quality.  Eventually offical videos will hopefully be posted at for 1540.

Those wins have propelled us to the PNW Championships in Tacoma  April 3rd through 6th.  There we’ll face the best teams in the entire northwest.  It’s always a blast to play with these teams where most everyone is good enough they could have led alliances at a district event.  On the Outreach/CommunityEngineering side we didn’t win anything this year, sadly. 

If we do well at the PNW Championships we’ll be off to Houston a couple of weeks later for the world championships.  Fingers crossed.  PNW Championships is April 4th-6th.  You can follow along at

The team has logged almost 5,000 hours since the season started January 5th and it shows in the qualityof what they’ve created. Congratulate them if you see a team member.

- Dale Yocum





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