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Students compete in Lego robotics state championship
Posted 04/03/2019 08:59AM

Tournament notes by Engineering Program Director Dale Yocum:

The fall FIRST LEGO League season has come to an end with both our Catlin Gabel teams competing at state this Sunday. Wait, I can hear you asking yourself, I thought only one of our teams advanced to state? Well there’s a story there.

At the district qualifier in December, the judges made an error when they were allocating awards.  About a week later I got a message from the tournament organizers announcing that our rookie 6th grade team, Omega Delta, did indeed qualify to advance.  The students were excited, to put it mildly, and devoted winter break and the following two weeks rebuilding their robot and writing entirely new software. They walked away with the Rookie Award at state on Sunday!  Since first-year teams hardly ever even make it to state, winning this award was an unexpected surprise.  They are 6th graders Mia, Miles, Kaz, and Jack. Annika was part of the fall team, but her schedule was already full by the time the state qualification was announced. Their coach was Avery Pritchard '20.

SolrWorks, our veteran 7th grade team, decided they wanted to roll the dice when they qualified for state and completely redesign their robot and rewrite all of their software in RobotC, a more advanced text-based language.  This was high risk.  The resulting robot is a work of art and the new code is a glorious start.  In the end, though, there just wasn’t enough time to get both of those pieces done and debugged thus they went home without a trophy this year. The learning experience was priceless, however. The 7th graders on this team are Efe, Harper, Nathan, and Milo.  Their coach is Quinn Okabayashi '19.

While not part of the Catlin Gabel LEGO program, we’re all enormously proud of the Kidobots, a neighborhood team that includes two Catlin Gabel students, Sana (6th) and Nesara (7th). They won the state championship and are on their way to the world championships in Houston in April!  I guess I know how they’ll be spending the next two months.

- Dale Yocum, Jan. 22, 2019


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