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All-State Soccer: CGS players and coaches top the list
Posted 01/27/2017 09:00AM


From The Oregonian/OregonLive, Feb. 13, 2017:


Class 3A/2A/1A boys and girls all-state soccer teams


Here are the boys and girls 3A/2A/1A all-state soccer teams:

3A/2A/1A boys soccer all-state first team

Player of the year: Charley Ward, Catlin Gabel

Coach of the year: Pete Shulman, Catlin Gabel

1. Charley Ward, Catlin Gabel

2. Kevin Madrigal, Riverside

3. Mark Janta, Portland Adventist Academy

4. Ben King-Hails, Catlin Gabel

5. Daniel Rodriguez, Riverside

6. Alex Isiordia, Gervais

7. Colin Koenig, Delphian

8. Reed Huston, Oregon Episcopal

9. Glen Sutter, Riverdale

10. Liam O’Connor, Creswell

GK Fritz Frerichs, Catlin Gabel

Second team

1. Gavin Decker, Rogue River

2. Alan Paczka, Portland Adventist Academy

3. Gabe Arce-Torres, Taft

4. Brian Garten, Oregon Epsicopal

5. Henry Fleener, Santiam Christian

6. Jon Palau, Westside Christian

7. Joel Maldonado, Taft

8. Uriel Maelwo, Western Mennonite

9. Nico Aguilar, Columbia Christian/Portland Christian

10. Yamil Morales, Delphian

GK Ryan Trask, St. Mary’s

3A/2A/1A girls all-state soccer first team

Player of the year: Sam Slusher, Catlin Gabel

Coach of the year: Chris Dorough, Catlin Gabel

1. Sam Slusher, Catlin Gabel 

2. Laura Staropoli, Westside Christian

3. Annika Lovestrand, Oregon Episcopal 

4. Shea O’Connor, Creswell

5. Maya Fernandez-Powell, Catlin Gabel

6. Emily Collier, Blanchet Catholic

7. Katie Blank, Portland Adventist Academy

8. Megan Ruoff, Oregon Episcopal 

9. Brette Graham, Lakeview

10. Joanna Cloutier, Oregon Episcopal

GK Ally Priest, Catlin Gabel

Second team

1. Stephanie Finley, Oregon Episcopal 

2. Madison Fisher, Pleasant Hill

3. Emily Stephens, Cascade Christian

4. Maddy O’Connor, Creswell

5. Nancy Arroyo, Dayton

6. Allie Dunnaville, Catlin Gabel

7. Lilie de la Motte, Westside Christian

8. Skylar Wightman, Riverside

9. Meghan Michels, St. Mary’s

10 Karlie Blatch, Pleasant Hill

11. Layton Rosenfeld, Catlin Gabel

GK Audrey Quest, Cascade Christian


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