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E.E. Ford Foundation Awards 50K Grant for PLACE Program
Posted 12/13/2016 10:00AM


Catlin Gabel School has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation to enhance and expand the school’s youth-centered, project-based civic engagement program, PLACE (People Leading Across City Environments). PLACE is a collection of experiential learning programs that empower students to be engaged citizens.

The program is taught by Catlin Gabel, but open to students from all Portland high schools, with tuition on a sliding-scale. The program was founded by Catlin Gabel in 2008. 

Through PLACE programs, students receive training in leadership, collaboration, public speaking, and urban studies, and engage in real-world student-designed community projects. Most programs culminate with a student-led public presentation, wherein projects are shared and discussed with community members and policy makers. See a list of past PLACE projects.

The E.E. Ford Foundation grant will allow Catlin Gabel to expand PLACE program offerings, making opportunities available to more students in the years to come. PLACE has a long-range, positive impact because it prepares young people to play an active role in their Portland communities and beyond.

The homebase for all PLACE programs is a North Portland storefront space called The CENTER (3510 N. Vancouver Ave.). The CENTER is a hub for child and youth creativity, education, and engagement co-operated by six coalition members: Black United Fund, De La Salle North Catholic High School, iUrban Teen, KairosPDX, Urban League of Portland, and Catlin Gabel School. Catlin Gabel serves as the convening member. Learn more about The CENTER.



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