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Posted 02/13/2018 11:20AM
Choose from among dozens of unique camps, including programs in arts, athletics, music, technology, robotics, and academic prep.
Posted 02/12/2018 02:05PM
Gather your friends and get ready to celebrate at our "Night at the Museum." Tickets are available now, and we also invite you to donate an item or volunteer.
Posted 02/08/2018 03:02PM
Four seniors will continue their athletic pursuits at Division One schools: Maya Rayle (running), Juma Sei (track), Timmy Frank (fencing), and Maya Fernandez-Powell (soccer).
Posted 01/28/2018 12:00PM
Posted 01/28/2018 11:00AM
A weekend intensive for young innovators, where students from across Portland come together to build, pitch, and launch their own companies (formerly known at Startup Camp).
Posted 01/15/2018 11:00AM
Take a guided tour of ourĀ 67-acre campus, and see experiential learning in action.
Posted 01/01/2018 12:00PM
The Head of School explains the work of the consortium, why it's a strategic priority for Catlin Gabel.
Posted 11/29/2017 12:58PM
Learn more about our innovative scholarship program for incoming ninth graders.
Posted 11/23/2017 09:00AM
Join us for an information session with Head of Middle School, Barbara Ostos, Ed.D. RSVP today.
Posted 11/22/2017 11:00AM
Our Director of Advancement and Strategic Initiatives steps out of her role this winter after 12 years of exemplary service to our school community.
Posted 11/15/2017 12:00PM
Our Director of Admission takes on a new, expanded role as the Director of Enrollment Management.
Posted 11/13/2017 03:00PM
Learn more about this student-run non-profit by accessing their media coverage, including interviews with co-founders Isabelle Zheng '18 and Cammie Lee '18.
Posted 11/04/2017 03:00PM
With their WashPod invention, Catlin Gabel students earn recognition for an innovative project that will help Portland communities in need.
Posted 10/26/2017 09:00AM
Catlin Cabel welcomed Jason Reynolds (pictured) and Brendan Kiely.
Posted 10/09/2017 01:28PM
In his new blog, Tim challenges us to be fearless because "overcoming fears is what learning is all about."
Posted 08/31/2017 03:00PM
A weekend of friendship and festivities, including our Homecoming soccer games Friday, Sept. 15.
Posted 08/30/2017 11:00AM
Share your heritage! Sign up to bring a favorite dish, display cultural artifacts, and perform.
Posted 08/25/2017 11:00AM
Tim shares his thoughts on how Catlin Gabel prepares students to take an active role in their communities.
Posted 07/24/2017 09:50AM
Read a profile, watch a video interview, and see a welcome message from Aline
Posted 06/11/2017 12:00PM
Congratulations graduates! See the photos gallery with images by Brendan Gill.
Posted 05/21/2017 11:00AM
The CG senior is one of only 161 recipients nationwide, and the only young man chosen to represent the state of Oregon.
Posted 05/15/2017 04:00PM
We welcome our supporters to a fun, festive event May 19 on the Catlin Gabel campus.
Posted 05/14/2017 03:00PM
An evening of stimulating conversation on current events, presented by the CG Alumni Association.
Posted 05/09/2017 04:00PM
A youth-run and moderated event on the role of police in Portland, May 16 at The CENTER.
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