Meet Our Student Tour Guides & Ambassadors

These students have volunteered their time to lead tours of the Upper School and answer questions about the Catlin Gabel experience.

Sara Ahmed Lauren Mei Calora
My name is Sara. I am a lifer at Catlin Gabel and started here in kindergarten. I enjoy the academics here along with extra curricular activities. I really like being part of Model U.N. and AWSM. In my free time outside of school I love playing basketball and tennis. I'm Lauren Mei and I'm interested in marketing, journalism, photography, and computer science. I'm a part of Robotics Team 1540 The Flaming Chickens, and I've dedicated over 800 hours to the team.
Amy Chen
Annika Holliday
I joined Catlin Gabel at the beginning of freshman year after moving to Portland from Shanghai. I am currently a junior and my favorite subjects are science and history. I also participate in the mock trial team and volunteer with the Healing Hands Club. When I'm not in school, I enjoy swimming, trying new foods, traveling, and taking pictures. My name in Annika, a junior at Catlin Gabel. I play soccer on the varsity soccer team and participate in CGSA (Catlin Gabel Student Association), Community Engineering, InvenTeam, and the marimba club. I also enjoy skiing, tennis, violin, and volunteering at the Goose Hollow Family Shelter. I'm excited to welcome you to the Catlin Gabel community where I have been a student since preschool.
Catie Kean Sophie Kruse
I am a junior this year and have attended Catlin Gabel since preschool. My favorite subjects are math and science, and I participate in the Healing Hands club and AWSEM. I enjoy playing club and school volleyball, baking, writing poetry, skiing, and spending time with my friends. My name is Sophie Kruse. I'm a sophomore who plays lacrosse and runs cross country. I love books, Parks and Rec, and connecting with different people.
Hansen Lian
Helen Lin
I'm currently a senior who came to Catlin Gabel as a freshman from Northwest Academy. Outside of academics, I play varsity soccer for Catlin Gabel. I am a member of the Catlin Gabel chess team, and also Explorer Post 58, a youth climbing organization. As a junior, I was elected class president. My favorite subjects at school are science, computer science, and math.
I'm a sophomore. My favorite subject is English. I am a competitive swimmer, and I love hiking.
David Liu Catie Macauley
I entered Catlin Gabel as a freshman and am a senior this year. Other than the tour guide program, I'm involved in robotics and swim team at Catlin Gabel. My academic interests mainly lie in the STEM fields as well as history.
My name is Catie Macauley, and I came to Catlin Gabel when I moved from Vermont as a freshman. I like to take advantage of the many opportunities Catlin Gabel offers, participating in the fall play, playing on the tennis team, and leading an affinity group for religious students on campus. In my free time, I also play the viola in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, and I love writing and baking, preferably with my friends.
Sydney Nagy
Ramya Nallakrishnan
I am a current senior, and first came to Catlin Gabel in my 6th grade year, and I immediately became involved with a mentorship program that inspires middle school students to pursue their interests in STEM. I currently lead this club and have for three out of four years of my upper school career. Outside of school, I am an aerialist and contortionist - a Cirque du Soleil like performing art - and I have been doing so since my 7th grade year.
My name is Ramya Nallakrishnan and I have been at Catlin Gabel since kindergarten except for the two years that I lived abroad in Singapore. Both inside and outside of school, I enjoy playing volleyball year round and exploring different forms of art. I also enjoy rafting, kayaking, traveling and participating in different service activities with my mom through National Charity League (NCL).
Tyler Nguyen Benjamin Olshin
I am a junior in my sixth year at Catlin Gabel. I'm a dedicated member of the Catlin Gabel robotics team, The Flaming Chickens, and an avid programmer and plane-enthusiast. Along with participating in debate, entrepreneurship, community-service, and engineering clubs I spend my time at home working on obtaining my private pilot license and playing games with my friends. I joined Catlin Gabel School as a freshman. I love each of my courses, especially science, spanish, and photography. I co-lead Catlin Gabel's cooking club and participate in Catlin Gabel's Judicial Council. Outside of school, I am a competitive gymnast and lead Babies With Books, a teen-led program that distributes books in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Randall Children's Hospital to promote early literacy and family bonding. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, biking, cooking and spending time with friends and family.
Tristan Peng Layton Rosenfeld
I am a sophomore this year and my favorite thing to do other than touring people is robotics. I spend large amounts of time doing robotics work, often more time-consuming than actual schoolwork. I also am an avid musician and I play three instruments, piano, cello and saxophone. I am a senior and have attended Catlin Gabel since preschool. I enjoy playing soccer, tennis, and violin. At Catlin Gabel, I am involved in AWSEM (a club that conducts science experiments with middle school girls), InvenTeams, and marimba club. My favorite classes are science and computer science.
Riya Sivakumar Chloe Snider
My name is Riya Sivakumar and I am a part of Catlin Gabel's class of 2019. I came to Catlin Gabel my freshman year and in three years I have grown to cherish the environment and people around me. At school my favorite are subjects are science and history, and outside of class I am a leader of the Indian Affinity, Booster Club, Model U.N., and various service projects. Some of the extracurriculars I participate in are the swim team, mock trial, soccer, and golf. In my free time I love to hike, bike, eat, play music, and spend time with my family. Hi, my name is Chloe and I am a junior in my 6th year at Catlin Gabel. I play soccer and run track, as well as participating in mock trial, InvenTeam, and marimba club. Outside of Catlin Gabel extracurriculars, my interests include playing piano, skiing, and going on mountaineering trips with the Explorer Post 58. I look forward to introducing you to our beautiful campus and telling you all about this fantastic school!
Tiffany TohKatie Truong
Hi! I'm Tiffany Toh, a 10th grader at Catlin Gabel. My friends know me as the energetic one, the girl who is unafraid of breaking the norm a little. Some people describe me as crazy (in a good way, of course). Despite having a logical mind, I also tend to think creatively and out-of-the-box. Thus, my interests include music, robotics, and debate.Hello, my name is Katie Truong and I'm a junior in the high school. I've been at Catlin Gabel since 6th grade. My favorite classes are chemistry and biology. I'm also heavily involved with the theater tech program and the track team.
Alyssa Zhang
My interests and hobbies are visual arts, particularly digital drawing, and piano. I also enjoy/participate in extracurriculars like mock trial and team sports like cross-country and track. I usually spend my free time drawing, reading, and traveling (if I can).
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