Upper School Trip

Key Details

  • Approximate Trip dates: March 16-31, 2017
  • Group size: 6 CGS & 6 OES students
  • Estimated Cost: $4200–$4400 (Note: cost does not include recommended vaccines and medications.  Please see the CDC website for health recommendations and check with your doctor and insurance carrier about costs.)
  • Trip leaders: Becky Wynne & Tom Handel (OES), in partnership with SAGE and Karma Quest

Evening Information Session: 6:30pm, September 27, 2016, OES (6300 SW Nicol Rd, Portland, OR 97223), Global Platt Room (across from the main reception desk)

Co-cu/lunch Info Session: September 22, Co-cu/lunch, Curie (science building).

Trip application 

Financial assistance request form 

Olive Bridge Endowed Fund for Global Education form

Program Overview

This trip will have three main foci: exploring the cultures and religions of Nepal, exploring the natural beauty and culture of the mountains through the challenge of trekking in the Himalayas, and learning about the effects of the recent earthquake and the recovery efforts.

The trip will start in the historic city of Kathmandu.  We will explore local religious (primarily Buddhist, Hindu, and Newari)  and World Heritage sites to learn about the history and culture of Nepal.  We will also meet with local people to learn about Nepali political structure and the effects of the 2015 earthquake.

We will travel to the mountain village of Sermathang.  This village was severely affected by the 2015 earthquake with many homes and other buildings destroyed.  We will work side by side with Nepali youth to help construct a new community/multipurpose hall for the village.  We will spend time with the students from Yangrima School and other people in the community.  We will spend 3+ days working in the village and will have great opportunities form authentic relationships with the local community and to learn about their culture (quite different from what we will have found in Kathmandu).

We will also spend several days trekking in the mountains in Langtang National Park (in the Himalayas!).  As part of this we will spend time in smaller villages further up the mountains and will summit the sacred peak of Ama Yangri (12,000’, no technical skills needed).

Tentative itinerary here.

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