Curriculum at Catlin Gabel

We are pleased to share our curriculum mission, goals and maps with you as a view into learning and teaching at Catlin Gabel. Our curriculum addresses academics as well as students’ social and intellectual development, character, and creativity.

Please click on each of the links below to explore subject area philosophies, essential questions, understandings, knowledge and skills and assessments. We continually review and refine our curriculum. Deep understanding and transformative learning happens when teachers work closely with students to inquire, engage, create, and apply their learning. We are proud to offer a broad and rich curriculum that deeply engages our students and helps them make interdisciplinary connections.

Catlin Gabel Mission Statement

Catlin Gabel supports inspired learning leading to responsible action through dedicated teaching, caring relationships, a challenging curriculum, and community service. We value each person’s effort, imagination, and positive contributions to the community. We celebrate being inclusive and the partnership between family and school.

Curriculum Map

The Catlin Gabel Curriculum Map illustrates our dynamic approach and shows how subject matter builds from grade to grade.

What you are viewing today is a snapshot in time of subject area philosophies, essential questions, understandings, knowledge and skills, and assessments. We continually review and refine our curriculum. Our curriculum map is an evolving document and will be updated to reflect new developments. Our curriculum map is a guide rather than a fixed blueprint, allowing teachers to adapt instruction to the particular needs of their students. We are committed to responsive teaching and learning, a distinctive feature of a Catlin Gabel education.

Click on the image below to view the full map. Clicking on the plus (+) signs will expand a section of the map. Click on the minus (-) signs will collapse a section of the map. Clicking on the icons at the end of each topic will show the information for that topic. (It make a few moments for the map to load, so please be patient.)

Catlin Gabel Curriculum Map 2018

Arts Mission Statement

The arts department weaves creative habits of mind into the daily experiences of our student body from preschool through 12th grade. Students learn to know themselves and the power of their ideas through our various disciplines. In turn, we also come to know our students well through relationships forged via shared experiences. Faculty and students work side-by-side taking creative risks and collaborating (often over a period of years!) in studios and performance spaces across campus and beyond.

Create, Perform, Respond

CPR are three little letters that communicate our directive to revive the imagination day after day, year after year. The arts program is about process, the cycle of inspiration leading to action, leading to reflection. Like the wheel in the potter’s studio, ideas follow a circuit, and results emerge before our eyes. Arts teachers guide students’ explorations of the tools and skills needed to perform, and we offer prompts from various sources (art history, current events, poetry, student-generated themes) to draw out their unique points of view as thinkers. Regardless of medium (instrumental music, movement/dance, vocal work, musical improvisation, film production, oil painting, woodworking, and lighting design) we shelter our students’ development under the following core values:

  • Community building and trust
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Collaboration
  • Risk-taking and resiliency
  • Finding voice
  • Valuing process

English/Reading/Writing Mission Statement

Mission statement currently under development.

Math Mission Statement

Catlin Gabel cultivates creative thinkers who use mathematics as a tool for inquiry to understand the interconnectedness of the world. We guide each individual’s development in constructing their understanding of mathematics by facilitating problem-solving using multiple strategies, collaborative thinking, and risk-taking. Students leave empowered to use mathematics for full participation in society, to further their personal growth, and as a joyful intellectual pursuit.

Modern Languages Mission Statement

The Department of Modern Languages at Catlin Gabel School endeavors to develop in our students a strong sense of global competency, equipping each individual with cross-cultural understanding and well-honed communication skills. Within a creative, sensitive, and intellectually stimulating environment, our faculty presents challenging multicultural curricula through dedicated teaching, and a keen understanding and acceptance of progressive educational techniques and philosophy.

PE/Health/Wellness Mission Statement

Our Fitness and Wellness Department believes that all students at Catlin Gabel can achieve overall wellness and become self-directed critical thinkers who make decisions to live a healthy and active lifestyle. We create a developmentally appropriate wellness curriculum that includes physical, intellectual, social, and emotional dimensions. Our program creates a diverse community in which learners can safely challenge themselves to find balance, take risks, and explore roles, ideas, and activities. We model and instill a compassion for self and others, and a commitment to mindfulness and life-long learning. As competent, confident, and responsible leaders, students are empowered to effectively collaborate, problem-solve, and communicate when making choices.

Science Mission Statement

Science teachers at Catlin Gabel teach the scientific method—observe, hypothesize, investigate—across all age groups, in a way that works for each learner’s stage of development. We develop critical thinking with the skills of science. At the same time, students work towards a deep understanding of fundamental scientific principles. Our goal is to produce graduates who are scientifically literate and able to thoughtfully examine and actively engage in the key issues of the day. At the same time, we motivate and challenge all students to make science a lifelong pursuit.

Social Studies Mission Statement

The Social Studies faculty aims to engage students with the responsibilities of citizenship in order to create a more just, sustainable, equitable, and peaceful future for an increasingly interdependent world. Across all age groups, students develop a sense of identity, community, empathy and an ethical framework by investigating and discussing both past and current issues in local, national, and global settings. The Social Studies curriculum encourages students to form their own worldview with a bias toward action in their local and global communities.

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