Parent/Guardian Partnership

PFA partnership with families

Education at Catlin Gabel is a partnership between families and the school. The PFA serves as a resource to parents and guardians, as well as teachers and staff.

The Catlin Gabel Parent-Faculty Association works across all divisions to foster a spirit of community and partners with employees to support the community. There is an executive council, grade-level representatives, and event coordinators all of whom are current parents or guardians. Current families receive regular communications from the PFA about upcoming schoolwide events, grade-level activities, and volunteer opportunities.

PFA Involvement

Schoolwide Events

The PFA takes the lead on events such as Heritage Day and Spring Fest and works closely with teachers and staff on the many details. Past celebrations have included live music, performances, dances, student-led projects, and food trucks. PFA representatives and other volunteers also support the school’s Open House event in October, as well as the Gala and Auction in March.

Curb Duty

Throughout the year, the PFA helps find parent and guardian volunteers to help with curb duty every afternoon that school is in session. Participants get to wear orange vests! Emails are sent out regularly by PFA representatives.

Host Family Program

The PFA works with the enrollment team and teachers to connect new families with current families who are in the same grade. This is known as the Host Family program. Stay tuned for requests for participants in the spring.

Town Halls

The PFA also works closely with the school in organizing a number of Town Halls throughout the year. These Town Halls provide an opportunity for the school to share important information on a wide range of topics, and they also provide a way for families to share their ideas and opinions.

GEt Involved with the PFA

Every year, there are ways for current parents and guardians to get involved with the PFA, either in volunteering for an event or becoming a PFA member. To see how you can get involved, contact information for all current PFA members is available for families in myCG.

Other Ways to Stay Informed

Parents and guardians receive weekly divisional newsletters and regular updates from administrative and divisional leadership and teachers. Visibility into school-wide initiatives and activities is provided through these newsletters, the school calendar (in myCG portal), Town Halls, blog posts, the Caller magazine, and social media (Facebook and Instagram).