wood shop class middle school student on right teacher on left both looking down at project
It All Starts with You
middle school music class seated on ground playing xylophones
It All Starts with You
3 preschool students sitting on circular rope swing with teacher standing to the left of them
It All Starts with You
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It All Starts with You
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It All Starts with You

Message from the Director of Advancement

Every teacher, student, building, and program has benefited from the generosity of our donors. If it were not for that generosity, Catlin Gabel would not be recognized as one of the finest schools in the nation, we would not be known for our state-of-the-art campus, we would not have the best of the best teachers in our classrooms, and we would not be graduating amazing human beings who have a love of learning and the courage to take responsible action. Philanthropy is the difference between great and exceptional, and Catlin Gabel is exceptional!

Thank you for your involvement, volunteerism, and generous support. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or any of the Advancement team members, if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.

Nicole Rinetti Clawson Catlin Gabel Advancement Director
Nicole Rinetti-Clawson

Ways to Give

When you support Catlin Gabel, you are directly supporting our mission. Every gift helps ensure that our students have access to the people, programs, and resources that prepare them to become the next generation of alumni who help change the world for good. There are a variety of ways for you to make a gift, some of which are listed below in more detail. Please select the option that works best for you. 

Make A Gift Online

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For Questions or Comments

Please email gifts@catlin.edu or call 503-297-1894 ext. 5029.

News & Donor Stories

photo of seated and waving students and teachers in schauff circle during fall all school assembly

Annual Report 2022-23

A review of the 2022-2023 budget and fundraising efforts, this report highlights the school’s finances, priorities and funding initiatives.

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group portrait of bernstein familiy from left to right: Owen ’28, Kei ’28, Matt, and Carey

Living Up to Our Goals and Fulfilling Our Mission

Catlin Gabel parent Matt Bernstein reflects on his family’s commitment to progressive education, why he chooses to play an active role in the community, and the importance of leaving a legacy for the next generation of families.

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Supporting Teaching Excellence

Punit and Heather Renjen (P ’22) both learned from an early age that philanthropy, in any form or giving level, is a necessary component to living a fulfilling life.

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The Spirit of Community

Before deciding on Catlin Gabel School for their youngest daughter, Angela Patrick (P ’32) admits she had reservations about private schools.

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