Eagle's Eyrie Challenge Course

students on the catlin gabel challenge course

Like many outdoor adventures, the Catlin Gabel challenge course pushes participants out of their comfort zones and into areas of learning and growth.

Located in the woods on campus, the course was designed and built according to national guidelines and standards. Catlin Gabel faculty and staff members have been trained in the operation and safety of the individual elements.

The course includes a variety of common low ropes elements, such as the Bridge is Out, Life Boat, Nitro Swing, Spider Web, and All Aboard.

Challenge Course Rental

We invite groups and organizations outside of Catlin Gabel to use the challenge course for team building and professional development purposes. Half and full-day programs are available, with an option to add a catered lunch on campus. We design a unique program to provide the best possible experience for your group based on your goals.

Business & Corporate Rates
$95 / person full day (8 hr max)
$65 / person half day (4 hr max)
10-person minimum
Nonprofit & Educational Institution Rates
$45 / person full day (8 hr max)
$35 / person half day (4 hr max)
10-person minimum

Special discount rates are available for Catlin Gabel-affiliated, non-commercial groups such as the Parent Faculty Association.

Opportunities for Self-Discovery and Team Growth

The challenges require group focus, and participants must engage in collaborative problem-solving to accomplish each task. Group activities on the course can be an effective way to build team interdependence, open channels of communication, and strengthen relationships. Participants develop risk-taking skills while exercising group-safety strategies.

Challenge course activities provide an environment that is full of new experiences and personal discoveries, with opportunities for self-discovery and team growth. The facilitator works with participants to debrief, reflect, and focus on teamwork.


Contact us for an appointment to tour the challenge course and to discuss your specific needs.

Greg Poulton, Course Manager
503-297-1894 ext.4032