Affinity Groups & Clubs

model United Nations club

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups at Catlin Gabel provide students who are from underrepresented communities a place where they can have a majority experience. We have affinity groups in each of our three divisions, along with ample opportunities to have conversations about inclusion and diversity.

We understand that diversity goes well beyond race so our students are exposed to the concept of intersectionality, understanding that all people have facets of identity that give them power in this society and all people may have facets of their identity that may take that power away.

Affinity Groups have become a positive vehicle for creating authentic connection. Upper and Middle School students who participate in these groups also will regularly share their time and insights with younger members of our community.

Clubs at Catlin Gabel

No year is exactly the same, as Middle and Upper School students decide which activities matter to them. Our clubs are student-initiated and student-run. They provide a structure for students to share ideas, practice independence, bond with peers, engage in activities, and have fun. 

Examples of recent clubs are listed below. Most clubs are for Upper School students; however, there are also activities for Middle School students.

2019 pride parade lower school students holding signs and pride flags

Equity & Inclusion

We actively work to create inclusive classrooms and community spaces and we encourage our students to engage in the greater Portland community.

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