Athletic Programs

At Catlin Gabel every student has the opportunity to expand their skills or try something new through our many different sports teams. We offer nine sports programs for Upper School and six sports programs for Middle School students.

Fall Season

girls varsity soccer team in celebratory team embrace on grassy soccer pitch after game win fans running towards team
two rows of volleyball team members giving each other double high fives and cheering; fans seated on bleachers in background
close up of two volleyball team members during indoor volleyball match in catlin gabel gym

Winter Season

basketball player running and dribbling ball and opposing team member on right during girls varsity basketball game

Spring Season

3 student athletes in dugout at varsity baseball game giving each other a high five
catlin gabel upper school student athlete jumping over hurdle at state championship meet standing fans in background
outdoor girls varsity tennis match student athlete poised to hit ball with racket
close up of boys varsity tennis team member wearing white sweatband and right after hitting tennis ball during indoor match
track runners with baton about to hand off baton to next runner during relay race at middle school track meet