close up of catlin gabel baseball varsity pitcher in uniform holding baseball and mitt about to pitch ball
indoor volleyball match in catlin gabl gym; student athlete in center of frame leaping in air poised to strike ball over net
varsity boys basketball game with 4 players in frame with standing fans in background
view of about 100 runners' backs at start of middle school cross country meet during a sunny fall day trees in background

Catlin Gabel students are known as strong competitors; whether they are first-time participants who are learning new skills in one of our 13 different programs or seasoned players who are aiming to win a state championship for one of our ten varsity teams.

Our athletic program’s philosophy is rooted in the core values of the school: integrity, inclusion, and kindness. We expect every coach and every student-athlete in every sport at every level to embrace and enact these standards. We believe by making these our priorities, success will naturally follow.

We have a no-cut policy to encourage students to try a sport without any pressure, and have JV2 and JV teams for athletes with progressing skills. Playing time are not guaranteed at the more competitive level, but every student-athlete will see playing time if they are committed to games and practices on a regular basis.

Student-athletes can participate in a diverse array of sports. Competitive Middle School teams include soccer, cross-country, tennis, girls volleyball, basketball, and track and field. Upper School teams and individuals compete in soccer, cross-country, girls volleyball, swim, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, and track and field.

We provide opportunities for all students to participate, and this openness is one reason athletics is a core component of Catlin Gabel culture. In a typical academic year, 80% of Middle School students and 75% of Upper School students participate in at least one sport.

We strive to foster a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle that will help students succeed in many pursuits. We do not condone "winning at all cost," but we do encourage a highly competitive attitude within the athletic program and take great pride in winning.

Our coaches are teachers, role models, and a source of inspiration and support. They are integral to what a student takes away from their time playing sports as an Eagle. Just as Catlin Gabel has high academic expectations, our athletics program teaches life lessons and builds skills while expecting the very best. We offer all students the opportunity to experience growth, accomplishment, and success at their skill level.

not just about winning

Kate Williams ’01 Catlin Gabel Athletics Director

Kate Williams ’01,  Athletics Director

headshot portrait tyler reuter catlin gabel associate directory of athletics

Tyler Reuter,  Associate Director of Athletics

Key Program Facts

10 State Championships

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boys and girls soccer, swim, and tennis; boys track and field since 2022

of students


who try out for a sport will make a team with our no-cut policy


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awarded in swimming, boys track and field, girls tennis, and girls soccer in 2022-24

21 All-Sport Awards

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from Oregon Athletic Coaches Association (3A Classification)


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focused on reaching state playoffs in every sport


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with 6 sports for Middle School students and 9 sports for Upper School students