March 6, 2019 |



Dear Catlin Gabel Community,

In October 2018 we announced that the school's Board of Trustees had retained an independent investigator in response to reports of sexual misconduct at Catlin Gabel over 15 years ago. We wanted to let you know that the investigation is ongoing and progress is being made.

Since October, the investigator, attorney Lori Watson, has interviewed a number of community members who have come forward. In January we reached out a second time via email and hard copy letters to ensure that all alumni and community members were aware of the school's investigation. As a result, more people contacted Ms. Watson, which has extended our timeline.

At this point, we expect that the investigation will conclude this spring, after which Ms. Watson will share conclusions with the Board of Trustees. The Board will first share the investigation's findings with those who came forward and ask for input and feedback on how we can support them. We then will share the findings with the broader Catlin Gabel community, including action steps we will pursue.

We admire the courage of community members who have come forward to help the investigation, and we recognize that doing so can be painful and difficult. We are committed to learning from them about past failures of the school, and what more we can do to ensure student safety and security today and in the future.





Tim Bazemore, Head of School  .....        ....  Bart Eberwein, Chair of the Board of Trustees




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