Explorers (Session 5)

Age: 9-11
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: CGS Staff

Spend a glorious week with us exploring our 67-acre campus with access to our cutting edge labs, classrooms, and facilities. Students will engage in woodshop, coding & tinkering, media, cooking, PE, games and outdoor adventures, art, and FUN. Each day participants will rotate through three 90-minute sessions which will change week to week. Field trips will occur weekly to swim, pick berries, adventure, and see sights. Explorers is designed for students who have finished 3rd through 5th grades and are up to the challenge of learning, playing, and have some exhilarating fun and adventure. Come Explore with us.


Ink and Magic: Creative Writing

Ages: 10 to 14
Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Debby Dodds | email: debby@debbydodds.com

Writing can be fun! This class is for both those who love to write and those who are intimidated by writing but want to improve in a supportive atmosphere. All students who sign up should love reading and want to learn about writing. It’s definitely not a class in which we’ll sit still all day. We focus on content and creativity, not grammar or “strict rules.” Each session we will have many different kinds of writing exercises, including using everything from Improv Comedy games to fun field trips to interesting places to inspire us! In past classes, we’ve created graphic novels, had visits from famous authors both live and via Skype, and written stories based on our visit to cemeteries, libraries, and Pioneer Square. One summer we were even lucky enough to be on TV talking about writing. We use all of our senses to explore creative nonfiction, genre fiction (fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc.), poetry, and the short story. We’ll also discuss publications that accept submissions from young writers.

Writing DeMystified
Ages: 13-16
Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | price: $225
Leader: Tamara Pellicier | email: pelliciert@catlin.edu

You will learn new writing skills and hone the ones you already have. Our focus will be expository writing but we will also flavor the week with some creative writing ideas, strategies and techniques. Together, we’ll work through the whole process of writing a paper, from idea generation through final edits. You’ll be given expert advice on how to craft introductions and conclusions that pop, using evidence to persuade, identifying and writing for the correct audience, and empowering yourself to communicate authoritatively and enter high school with confidence in your writing skills!


Tinker Camp: Experience Flight History

Age: 10-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3: 00 pm | price $380
Leader: Blake Swensen | email: blake@tinkercamp.org

First came the French with their hot air balloons, the great airships of Germany, and then Orville and Wilbur Wright. Then came Sputnik, Gemini and Apollo. Each day of this Tinker Camp will explore one of these grand eras in the history of flight. And even put a modern spin on it. If you dream of soaring in the clouds, this is your chance to build and fly five different vehicles from the epoch of human flight. The final showcase of the summer will be on the last afternoon where we will launch rockets!

Graphic Novels – Behind the Scenes and Beyond

Ages: 10 to 14
Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Lora Worden |email: loraword@gmail.com

Do you love comics and graphic novels? Have you read every book by Raina Telgemeier? Or are you more of a Kazu Kibuishi fan? Have you ever wanted to write and/or illustrate your own comic? Come explore the art of merging words and images to create a story in the comic format. For five awesome days we will live and breathe comics: reading comics and graphic novels; learning about local comic book writers, artists, publishers, and bookstores; and of course creating our own graphic format comic strips and stories! There are no limits to the kinds of stories that can be presented in the comic format. From fantasy to history to memoir to science to humor, the graphic novel format has become a highly sophisticated art form that engages readers at both a literary and visual level. Come explore this brave new form with friends and fans of graphic novels!

Sauvie Island Farm Camp

Ages: 7-11
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | Price $380
Leader: Sauvie Island Center and Catlin Gabel Staff email: sarah@sauvieislandcenter.org

Catlin Gabel Summer Camps is excited to partner with Sauvie Island Center for this weeklong farm experience! Spend a week exploring the 18-acre Sauvie Island Organics farm and adjacent grounds of Metro's Howell Territorial Park. Each day at camp will be a new adventure, focusing on one area of the Sauvie Island Center curriculum, including The Pollination Station, Plant Parts Investigation, Seed to Harvest, Healthy Soil and Wildlife, and the Food Web. Sauvie Island Center's education staff will guide campers through exploration activities and a daily nature journaling exercise. In addition, campers will gather produce from our Grow Lunch Garden and use their harvest to prepare fresh, tasty supplements to their own sack lunches. One day each week, we'll be joined by chefs from New Seasons Market who will lead kids in a farm to table cooking project. Other activities include nature-themed arts and crafts projects and group games. Pickup and dropoff will be at Catlin Gabel.

Summer Lego Robotics

Ages: 10 to 13
Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Quinn Okabayashi | email: okabayashiq@catlin.edu

A summer robotics program for girls only! Start out by completing the self-paced introduction to programming in the new EV3 graphical programming language. After that, the sky's the limit. Come up with your own ideas for Lego robotic projects or pick one from our idea book. How about a robot that can draw? Play capture the flag with Bluetooth radio? A Lego vending machine or monorail? Make a video game on the screen of the EV3? We'll also work together to build a Rube Goldberg machine with your classmates using materials from the entire Catlin Gabel robotics lab. All this will culminate in a "Invention Convention" the last day open to family and friends. Students should come with the idea they want to learn about engineering and programming - it's not a Lego free-for-all. We'll break up the Lego time with other explorations of engineering in the world around us including a field trip. It's open to students of all experience levels and is self-paced. Sessions are held in Catlin Gabel's dedicated robotics lab with free access to over 60,000 Lego parts. Unlike some other programs, every student will get the use of their own robot and computer but they are free to work in groups if they prefer.

Fashion Design Studio
Hours:9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price $380
Leader: Stuart Evenson | email: stueyevensen@yahoo.com

Action-packed week during which campers will learn a lot about sewing, machine embroidery and the fundamentals of fashion design. Campers will ultimately create a tote/book/lunch bag and a sunglass case with the fabric of their choice. Then, campers can embellish their creations with their choice of embroidery designs: their names, butterflies, soccer balls, etc. Campers with sewing experience will have the opportunity to create a garment or any other more advanced project they choose. This camp will take place at the Montavilla Sewing Center in Beaverton.

Partner Camps
Engineering For Kids
Ages: 4-14

Hours: Various (full- and half-day camps available)

Leaders: Emily Palmer | Phone: 503-914-9995

Engineering for Kids have Junior Camps for our youngest engineers ages 4 - 7, Apprentice Camps for our experienced engineers ages 7 - 10, and Master Camps for our expert students ages 11 and over. Through both directed and open-ended projects, campers will explore everything from aerospace engineering to electronic game development.

Bernie Fagan Soccer Camps

Recreational Camps (beginner to intermediate)
Ages: 5-12
Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leaders: Bernie Fagan & staff

Catlin Gabel Summer Camps is pleased to host Bernie Fagan Soccer Camps this year. Designed for girls and boys who love to have a good time playing soccer, the Recreational Camps offer more games, contests, scrimmages, and play time than other camps. Recommended for the beginner to intermediate level player who wants to learn new skills and techniques while having a good time playing soccer! This camp is a great experience for the player who is involved in their local Recreational team or is new to soccer. Register at www.berniefagansoccer.com or call 503-998-9332.

Competitive Camps (competitive/club level experience)
Ages: 8-14
Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leaders: Bernie Fagan & staff

Designed for the Classic level player, this camp offers specialized training in technique and tactical development. This camp is for girls and boys with at least two years experience playing on a classic team. When registering we ask that you submit your child’s playing experience. Camp staff may suggest the Recreational Camp to ensure all athletes are challenged at an appropriate level to benefit from the curriculum. Competitive Camps are limited to the first 45 players who register at each location. Early registration is recommended! Register at www.berniefagansoccer.com or call 503-998-9332.

Anthony Newman Multi Sport Camps

Ages: 6 to 14
Hours: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Leader: Anthony Newman Sports Camps Staff (email: anthonyansc@gmail.com)

Anthony Newman's Sports Camps is proud to offer our Multi-Sport Camp for young athletes who are not quite ready to focus on just one sport. This camp will serve as an introduction to the world of sports for children just starting out and as an alternative to specialty camps. ANSC is a young athlete's dream come true offering basketball, volleyball, soccer, indoor and outdoor recreational games, etc. Anthony Newman's Sports Camps is a great opportunity for children to discover the thrill of sports while making new friends.

Please register through the Anthony Newman website. E-mail Admin@anthonynewmancamps.com or call (503)329-4899 for questions about program offerings and details.