Explorers (Session 4)

Age: 9-11
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: CGS Staff

Spend a glorious week with us exploring our 67-acre campus with access to our cutting edge labs, classrooms, and facilities. Students will engage in woodshop, coding and tinkering, media, cooking, PE, games and outdoor adventures, art, and FUN. Each day participants will rotate through three 90-minute sessions which will change week to week. Field trips will occur weekly to swim, pick berries, adventure, and see sights. Explorers is designed for students who have finished 3rd through 5th grades and are up to the challenge of learning, playing, and have some exhilarating fun and adventure. Come Explore with us.


Ink and Magic: Creative Writing

Ages: 10 to 14
Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Debby Dodds | email: debby@debbydodds.com

Writing can be fun! This class is for both those who love to write and those who are intimidated by writing but want to improve in a supportive atmosphere. All students who sign up should love reading and want to learn about writing. It’s definitely not a class in which we’ll sit still all day. We focus on content and creativity not grammar or “strict rules.” Each session, we will have many different kinds of writing exercises, including using everything from Improv Comedy games to fun field trips to interesting places to inspire us! In past classes, we’ve created graphic novels, had visits from famous authors both live and via Skype, and written stories based on our visits to cemeteries, libraries, and Pioneer Square. One summer we were even lucky enough to be on TV talking about writing. We use all of our senses to explore creative nonfiction, genre fiction (fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc.), poetry, and the short story. We’ll also discuss publications that accept submissions from young writers. Debby is an impressive published author, and you can read about her here: http://www.powells.com/post/lists/best-ya-books-of...

Writing DeMystified
Ages: 13-16
Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | price $225
Leader: Tamara Pellicier | email: pelliciert@catlin.edu

You will learn new writing skills and hone the ones you already have. Our focus will be expository writing but we will also flavor the week with some creative writing ideas, strategies and techniques. Together, we’ll work through the whole process of writing a paper, from idea generation through final edits. You’ll be given expert advice on how to craft introductions and conclusions that pop, using evidence to persuade, identifying and writing for the correct audience, and empowering yourself to communicate authoritatively and enter high school with confidence in your writing skills!


Age: 7-12
Hours: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | price $ 200
Leader: Cathy Zagunis / Oregon Fencing email: info@oregonfencing.com

On Guard! Learn the basic tactical and technical skills of the Olympic sport of sabre fencing. This dynamic sport offers challenges to quick thinking, coordination, strength and agility. Fun games are incorporated while learning the basics of the sport. Safety emphasized. All equipment provided.

Sports Spectacular

Ages: 10-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price $380
Leader: Javier Duque & Staff | email: duquej@catlin.edu

Sports Spectacular will be a special, fun, Basketball Week. Come hone your skills and work on everything from the basics to game play. We will work on shooting, rebounding, passing and game strategy. This will be the perfect week to learn new skills and to improve on existing talents and abilities. Each day will include skills work as well as games.

Come Hoop it Up at Sports Spectacular!

Chess Camp

Ages: 8-14
Hours:9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price: $ 380
Leader: Tony Hann & CGS Chess Club | email: chesstony@gmail.com

Participants will be immersed in the joys of chess through problem-solving, lessons, individual and team competition, review of games, blitz, and bughouse. Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join this camp led by Catlin Gabel Chess Club members along with chess master coach/chess educator and founder of Chess Vision - Tony Hann, whose boundless enthusiasm has excited thousands of students about chess in the Portland Area over the last decade.

Rocks to Gemstones – Lapidary Lab

Ages: 10-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price: $ 380
Leader: Stuart Evenson| email: stueyevensen@yahoo.com

Red, Green, Blue and every color in-between; so many beautiful rocks are created in nature’s geological kitchen. During this camp students will choose their own rock slab and learn how to shape and polish it into something beautiful. Campers will learn about the variety of types of rocks in the world and in what regions they are typically found. We will explore the geologic processes with which rock is formed through heat, pressure and other elements. We will also go on a field trip to the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals where there is an amazing array of beautiful rocks.

From Photo to Art to Painting

Ages: 10 - 14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price: $ 380
Leader: Iris Taboh | email iristaboh@gmail.com

Let’s create original artwork using our own photographs for inspiration. This class will combine photography and painting. We will go to several locations and take photographs around Portland. Then we will use different apps to enhance our photos. Next, we will use our manipulated photos to create our own original mixed media artwork using acrylic paint, watercolor and photography. This process encourages growth and develops both photo and painting skills.

Math & the Science of Art - Creative Solutions!
Ages: 10-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price $ 380
Leader: Stefanie Foster |email: brainsparkstutoring111@gmail.com

Sharpen your brain. Hone your math skills and develop your curiosity for the beauty of math. You can find math in the most unexpected places! This camp will explore the secrets of games, puzzles, codes, and tricks by finding the patterns that hold their solutions. We will end each day with creative expression that comes to life with mathematical art techniques that make the coolest animation and greatest structures possible. Problem solving and conception are the basis of engineering and design. Whether you are an accomplished illustrator or an all thumbs sketcher with an interest in math, you will benefit from this camp.

Tinker Camp: The Carnival!!

Age: 10-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3: 00 pm | price $380
Leader: Blake Swensen | email: blake@tinkercamp.org

Everyone loves a carnival, with its unusual characters, entertainment and challenging games. At Tinker Camp we will put on a carnival that you design, build and run. Want to give a shot at creating the next generation game? What to write, star and direct your own show? Have you ever dreamed of making an automaton? Then join us for a week of carnival fun! On the last afternoon of camp the doors will open and all are welcome to enjoy your creations! Come one, Come all!


Ages: 12 - 18
Hours: Overnight | price$ 1200
Dale & Barbara Rawls |email: rawlsd@catlin.edu

Spend four nights learning about sailing a large schooner, while creating art about this wonderful adventure. We will travel to Port Townsend, Washington on the 15th of July from Portland and spend the next four nights aboard the 84’ Schooner Martha. Students will explore the San Juan Islands in U.S. waters, and learn sailing basics. Help sail the Martha with the Captain and crew and capture impressions of life on the water in your journal sketch book. Transportation to and from included.

Summer Lego Robotics Camp

Ages 10-14
Hours: 9:00-3:00 pm / Price: $380
Leaders: Quinn Okabayashi | email: okabayashiq@catlin.edu

A summer robotics program unlike any other! Start out by completing the self-paced introduction to programming in the EV3 graphical programming language. After that we'll work together to build a Rube Goldberg machine with your classmates using materials from the entire Catlin Gabel robotics lab. We’ll also compete in a one-day crash “mission to mars” where you’ll develop a set of solutions to address challenges unlike anything you’ve seen. All this will culminate in an "Invention Convention" the last day open to family and friends. Students should come prepared with some ideas they want to pursue and a desire to learn about engineering and programming - it's not a Lego free-for-all. It's open to students of all experience levels and is self-paced. Sessions are held in Catlin Gabel's dedicated robotics lab with free access to over 60,000 Lego parts. Unlike some other programs, every student will get the use of their own robot and computer, but they are free to work in groups if they prefer. Join us this summer for an inspiring personalized engineering experience!

Partner Camps

Active Learning Service Camps

Ages: 7-16
Hours:9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leader: Lesley Jordan | email: lesleyjordan9@gmail.com

Active Learning Service Camps returns to campus for their 4th summer offering a special week of Chess, Minecraft and Video Game Creation for Ages 7-16. Join the nationally recognized experts in a day of exciting hands-on learning. Half Day options are available.

Please visit their site for all the details and to register

Rose City Music Academy

Ages: 4-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leaders: Rose City Music Academy Staff

Join us for all levels! Whether you have never played before or have completed years of study, come and make music with friends. Our excellent and diverse faculty provides group lessons, ensembles (fiddle class, Suzuki-style play-ins, orchestra, and choir), general music classes, art exploration, outdoor play, and a fun recital performance. Students can split the day between playing their current instrument and learning a new one with the Beginner Buds course. The mentorship program pairs older or more advanced students with aspiring students for motivational practice and play-in sessions. Our creative team of camp counselors helps students between classes, helps with art projects, and leads outdoor games. Rose City Music Academy Camp is ideal for ages 4-14, beginner to intermediate musicians.

For further camp details, please call 503-308-8863 or e-mail rosecitymusicacademy@gmail.com. Register through the Rose City Music Academy website.

Engineering for Kids

Ages: 4-14
Hours: Various (full- and half-day camps available)
Leaders: Emily Palmer | Phone: 503-914-9995

Engineering for Kids have Junior Camps for our youngest engineers ages 4 - 7, Apprentice Camps for our experienced engineers ages 7 - 10, and Master Camps for our expert students ages 11 and over. Through both directed and open-ended projects, campers will explore everything from aerospace engineering to electronic game development.

Anthony Newman Multi Sport Camps

Ages: 6 to 14
Hours: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Leader: Anthony Newman Sports Camps Staff | email: anthonyansc@gmail.com

Anthony Newman's Sports Camps is proud to offer our Multi-Sport Camp for young athletes who are not quite ready to focus on just one sport. This camp will serve as an introduction to the world of sports for children just starting out and as an alternative to specialty camps. ANSC is a young athlete's dream come true offering basketball, volleyball, soccer, indoor and outdoor recreational games, etc. Anthony Newman's Sports Camps is a great opportunity for children to discover the thrill of sports while making new friends.

Please register through the Anthony Newman website. E-mail Admin@anthonynewmancamps.com or call (503)329-4899 for questions about program offerings and details.