Explorers (Session 3)

Age: 9-11
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: CGS Staff

Spend a glorious week with us exploring our 67-acre campus with access to our cutting edge labs, classrooms, and facilities. Students will engage in woodshop, coding and tinkering, media, cooking, PE, games and outdoor adventures, art, and FUN. Each day participants will rotate through three 90-minute sessions which will change week to week. Field trips will occur weekly to swim, pick berries, adventure, and see sights. Explorers is designed for students who have finished 3rd through 5th grades and are up to the challenge of learning, playing, and have some exhilarating fun and adventure. Come Explore with us.


Ink and Magic: Creative Writing

Ages: 10 to 14
Hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Debby Dodds | email: debby@debbydodds.com

Writing can be fun! This class is for both those who love to write and those who are intimidated by writing but want to improve in a supportive atmosphere. All students who sign up should love reading and want to learn about writing. It’s definitely not a class in which we’ll sit still all day. We focus on content and creativity not grammar or “strict rules.” Each session, we will have many different kinds of writing exercises, including using everything from Improv Comedy games to fun field trips to interesting places to inspire us! In past classes, we’ve created graphic novels, had visits from famous authors both live and via Skype, and written stories based on our visits to cemeteries, libraries, and Pioneer Square. One summer we were even lucky enough to be on TV talking about writing. We use all of our senses to explore creative nonfiction, genre fiction (fantasy, romance, sci-fi, etc.), poetry, and the short story. We’ll also discuss publications that accept submissions from young writers. Debby is an impressive published author, and you can read about her here: http://www.powells.com/post/lists/best-ya-books-of-2017


Sports Spectacular

Ages: 10-14
Hours:9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price $380
Leader: Javier Duque & Staff | email: duquej@catlin.edu

Learn and play a wide range of sports, games, challenges, and activities. The fun may include basketball, soccer, flag football, golf, volleyball, pickleball, ultimate frisbee, hiking, tennis, bowling, and possibly swimming. Activities will vary week to week depending on participant interest. Come join this super active and fun sports camp: Sports Spectacular!


Tinker Camp: The Cities in Your Future

Ages: 10 - 14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price $380
Leader:Blake Swensen | email: blake@tinkercamp.org

Calling all engineers, builders, entrepreneurs and civic-leaders. Help your community and design a city of the future. Use your engineering skills, creativity and knowledge about the place you live to plan, build and 'tinker' the kind of city you want to see in the future - and all to scale. Light the streets, create public and residential zones, designate eco-spaces, prepare for natural disasters and build all the places you need to help your community thrive. At the showcase, on last afternoon of camp, all are invited to tour your city and you can show the world your innovations.

DJ Camp

Ages: 8-12
Hours:9:00 am - 3:00 pm | price $ 380
Leader: Keith Murphy

It doesn’t get much cooler than this! If you’ve ever wanted to DJ an event and create that magic atmosphere that gets everyone having a great time, this is the perfect place to start. Conquer beat matching, song dropping and mixing on high-tech virtual turntables, then get hands-on experience right here at camp performing with your friends. Receive professional DJ instruction, develop your own DJ persona, use world-class equipment and software, DJ and record your own set, learn the DJ tips and practical techniques. Music enhances a child’s development and cognitive skills, and campers will have a blast entertaining the whole camp. On the final day of camp, campers will show off their newfound skills in a DJ performance. Laptop computer and flash drive recommended but not required.

Light Sabers: Build Your Own, Learn the Science and Seven Combat Forms

Ages: 11-13
Hours: 9:00am - 3:00 pm | price $ 380
Leader:Stuart Evenson | email: stueyevensen@yahoo.com

The thrilling feeling of lancing the air with a blade of light is so much fun. I have developed a light saber that many have said is as good as the original. I use high-impact, clear resin tubes, high-intensity light sources and reflective powder to give these light sabers their brilliance and authenticity. Campers will build their own light saber and choose their own color. Campers will learn the science behind light sabers and the official Seven Forms of Light Saber Combat. We will practice the seven forms and have mock, no-contact duals where campers can demonstrate the beauty and finesse of each of the forms. We will also watch the original Star Wars movie.

Bridgetown Photo Exploration

Ages: 10 to 14
Hours: 9:00 am –3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Iris Taboh (email: iristaboh@gmail.com)

Let’s explore Portland with our cameras and create unique images from some of its best known and more obscure places. We will walk across the Tillicum Bridge, take photos under the Saint Johns Bridge, and walk along Tom McCall Waterfront Park. We will also explore Portland neighborhoods on the way. Learn or sharpen your skills as a nature, landscape or street photographer. We will take photos in the morning when the light is best. Then we will learn Photoshop techniques to get the most out of our images, and to create alternative realities or combine landscapes.

Summer Lego Robotics Camp

Ages 10-14
Hours: 9:00-3:00 pm | Prices: $380
Leaders: Quinn Okabayashi | email: okabayashiq@catlin.edu

A summer robotics program unlike any other! Start out by completing the self-paced introduction to programming in the EV3 graphical programming language. After that we'll work together to build a Rube Goldberg machine with your classmates using materials from the entire Catlin Gabel robotics lab. We’ll also compete in a one-day crash “mission to mars” where you’ll develop a set of solutions to address challenges unlike anything you’ve seen. All this will culminate in an "Invention Convention" the last day open to family and friends. Students should come prepared with some ideas they want to pursue and a desire to learn about engineering and programming - it's not a Lego free-for-all. It's open to students of all experience levels and is self-paced. Sessions are held in Catlin Gabel's dedicated robotics lab with free access to over 60,000 Lego parts. Unlike some other programs, every student will get the use of their own robot and computer, but they are free to work in groups if they prefer. Join us this summer for an inspiring personalized engineering experience!

Woodshop Wonder

Age: 10-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm | Price: $380
Leader: Tom Tucker | email: tuckerT@catlin.edu

In Woodshop Wonder we’ll tailor the class to fit individual interests and abilities. Our goal will be to kindle and for some increase your knowledge and pleasure working with tools and wood, learn more art and craft, and have fun doing so. Carving and woodturning could definitely be a part of the process, as well as other techniques depending on individual projects. Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to woodworking, there is always something to learn in the woodshop.

Partner Camps

Devi Girls Yoga

Ages: 11-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leader: DeDe Frerichs

to Register please visit https://www.devigirls.com

Be your best Self. Feel Empowered, Mindful, and Compassionate. Registration includes: Personalized instruction in Yoga, Mindfulness, and Journaling; Daily herbal tea ceremony and mat rental; Safe community space to express emotion and feel accepted; Self-Enrichment: Participants will leave with an enhanced sense of Strength (body + mind)

Rose City Music Academy

Ages: 4-14
Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm |
Leaders: Miriam English (email: rosecitymusicacademy@gmail.com)

Join us for all levels! Whether you have never played before or have completed years of study, come and make music with friends. Our excellent and diverse faculty provides group lessons, ensembles (fiddle class, Suzuki-style play-ins, orchestra, and choir), general music classes, art exploration, outdoor play, and a fun recital performance. Students can split the day between playing their current instrument and learning a new one with the Beginner Buds course. The mentorship program pairs older or more advanced students with aspiring students for motivational practice and play-in sessions. Our creative team of camp counselors helps students between classes, helps with art projects, and leads outdoor games. Rose City Music Academy Camp is ideal for ages 4-14, beginner to intermediate musicians.

For further camp details, please call 503-308-8863 or e-mail rosecitymusicacademy@gmail.com. Register through the Rose City Music Academy website.

Bernie Fagan Soccer Camps

Recreational Camps (beginner to intermediate)
Ages: 5-12
Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leaders: Bernie Fagan & staff

Catlin Gabel Summer Camps is pleased to host Bernie Fagan Soccer Camps this year. Designed for girls and boys who love to have a good time playing soccer, the Recreational Camps offer more games, contests, scrimmages, and play time than other camps. Recommended for the beginner to intermediate level player who wants to learn new skills and techniques while having a good time playing soccer! This camp is a great experience for the player who is involved in their local Recreational team or is new to soccer. Register at www.berniefagansoccer.com or call 503-998-9332.

Competitive Camps (competitive/club level experience)
Ages: 8-14
Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Leaders: Bernie Fagan & staff

Designed for the Classic level player, this camp offers specialized training in technique and tactical development. This camp is for girls and boys with at least two years experience playing on a Classic team. When registering we ask that you submit your child’s playing experience. Camp staff may suggest the Recreational Camp to ensure all athletes are challenged at an appropriate level to benefit from the curriculum. Competitive Camps are limited to the first 45 players who register at each location. Early registration is recommended! Register at www.berniefagansoccer.com or call 503-998-9332.

Engineering for Kids

Ages: 4-14
Hours: Various (full- and half-day camps available)
Leaders: Emily Palmer | Phone: 503-914-9995

Engineering for Kids have Junior Camps for our youngest engineers ages 4 - 7, Apprentice Camps for our experienced engineers ages 7 - 10, and Master Camps for our expert students ages 11 and over. Through both directed and open-ended projects, campers will explore everything from aerospace engineering to electronic game development.

Anthony Newman Multi Sport Camps

Ages: 6 to 14
Hours: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Leader: Anthony Newman Sports Camps Staff | email: anthonyansc@gmail.com

Anthony Newman's Sports Camps is proud to offer our Multi-Sport Camp for young athletes who are not quite ready to focus on just one sport. This camp will serve as an introduction to the world of sports for children just starting out and as an alternative to specialty camps. ANSC is a young athlete's dream come true offering basketball, volleyball, soccer, indoor and outdoor recreational games, etc. Anthony Newman's Sports Camps is a great opportunity for children to discover the thrill of sports while making new friends.

Please register through the Anthony Newman website. E-mail Admin@anthonynewmancamps.com or call (503)329-4899 for questions about program offerings and details.