Please complete the following steps to apply to the Palma Scholars Program.

Campus Tour

We encourage you to visit campus early in your exploration process. Families have the opportunity to attend an individual, personalized tour and students are welcome to join. Group tours are offered as an alternative to an individual tour and take place on the morning of the student visit; tours begin directly following the information session. Tours are highly recommended but not required. Current Upper School students and admission team members lead tours.

Tours are available September through January.

Please tour by the application deadline.

Student Visit

Students do not need to have a submitted application in order to visit.

Visits include shadowing a current student, engaging in classroom activities, and participating in an informal interview with a faculty member.

Visits are available on select dates October through January.

Palma Scholars applicants must visit by January 14, 2019.

Please note that finalists will also be required to participate in a group visit on January 31, 2019.

Pre-visit Questionnaire

This short form will tell us a little bit about your child's interests and should be submitted at least seven days prior to their visit so we can find a compatible host.

Admission Testing

Students applying for grades 6–12 are required to take an admission test during the current school year. Please visit our Admission Testing page for the SSAT testing schedule, registration information, alternative tests, and more.

Character Skills Snapshot

Students applying to grades 6-12 have the option of including results from the Character Skills Snapshot in their application. It is a 20-30 minute online assessment that can be taken on a computer with internet access. The assessment is free for those registered to take the SSAT. If you are not registered to take the SSAT the cost is $35. Register online through your SSAT account. Learn more about the Snapshot in this FAQ.

Application Forms

The online application includes a series of questions for the student as well as the parents/guardians, and a Palma Scholars addendum for the student. This is your best opportunity to share information about your family. We also require the student to submit a graded paper from a current class that includes the teacher's comments. All applications will be read by the admission committee.


Send the online evaluation form to your child's current math and English teachers, and current coach-instructor. Please do not send these requests until after November 1; this will allow the evaluators time to get to know your child. You should have the evaluator's full name and email available when you are ready to send each evaluation.

School Records

Print, sign, and submit a records request to your child's current school.

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Key Dates

Jan 5, 2019: Last SSAT testing date

Jan 8, 2019: Application deadline

Jan 18, 2019: Finalists notified

Jan 31, 2019: Finalist Group Visit Day

Jan 31, 2019: Financial Assistance application deadline

Feb 8, 2019: Scholarship recipients notified

Fee Waivers

To request an application fee or SSAT fee waiver, please complete the fee waiver request form

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