Who are Palma Scholars?

Academically accomplished, well-rounded students who are poised to lead and inspire others. Palma Scholars should embody each of the following characteristics:

Candidates need an academic record that places them at or near the top of their current school with the potential to translate that achievement to Catlin Gabel's curriculum.

A critical component of a Palma Scholar is the individual's ability in and dedication to an athletic pursuit. The serious pursuit of athletics is an expectation of Palma Scholars because it is one major avenue that fosters the drive, commitment, dedication, and success the school hopes these young people will demonstrate for the rest of their lives. Students may participate in a sport Catlin Gabel offers or another high-level organized athletic activity outside of our offerings.

Palma Scholars applicants must demonstrate an interest in issues and problems of the community and world with a corresponding service ethic and desire to create real, workable solutions.

Whether in the classroom or as a leader of a team, club, or activity, Palma Scholars must have the potential to serve as catalysts for other students. Their potential for leadership at Catlin Gabel could affect many aspects of school life as well as community, national, and international relationships.

Admission Criteria

Applicants should designate their interest in being considered for the Palma Scholars Program when they start their online application in Ravenna. Only students applying for admission to 9th grade will be considered. Admission to the program will be based on both demonstrated achievement in and potential for future development of the program's four key characteristics as noted above. In keeping with the spirit of the program, no current or former Catlin Gabel students will be eligible to be a Palma Scholar as we attempt to broaden the reach of the school.

Finalist Process

About a dozen students are selected as finalists for the program and asked to return to campus for a full day of activities with current Palma Scholars, the Palma Scholars Program Director, and Catlin Gabel faculty. Finalists are often, but not always, offered admission to the school. Please contact Dave Whitson, Palma Scholars Program Director, at for more information on the finalist day and the selection process.