Student Visits/Shadow Days

middle school students laughing and working together in spanish
middle school math teacher an nguyen in front of class smiling pointing at math problem on board

When applicants spend time on campus, it’s an opportunity for them to learn more about Catlin Gabel and for our teachers and staff to get to know them.

A Catlin Gabel admission account is required for all applicants. If you already have an account, you can register for a student visit in the admission portal. To create an admission portal account, please complete our inquiry form.

Beginning & Lower School Student Visit Days

Students applying to the Beginning and Lower School will have an opportunity to visit campus on a ‘visit day’ after the application has been submitted. These required visit days allow the community and student to get to know each other, and for the student to explore the campus and meet some teachers. More information about these visit days is located in the admission portal. 

Middle School Shadow Days

Students considering applying to the Middle School are strongly encouraged to participate in a shadow day early on in their process. This required shadow day will include attending a couple of classes with a host, participating in a fun team challenge activity, and doing a bit of writing.

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Upper School Shadow Days

Students considering applying to the Upper School are strongly encouraged to participate in a shadow day early on in their process. This required shadow day will include attending classes, lunch, and breaks with a student host, as well as participating in a demo-class and a fun team challenge with other applicants.

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