Meet Our Student Tour Guides

Our student ambassadors look forward to answering your questions and sharing their personal perspectives on Catlin Gabel.

Mara Alfrey headshot portrait 2019-20

Mara Alfrey

I am a senior and I have been at Catlin Gabel since seventh grade. I stay involved with the community through soccer, basketball, and tennis and I love meeting new people who I can share my Catlin Gabel experience with. During quarantine I spent a lot of my time learning how to play guitar and exploring many of Oregon’s lakes and beaches.

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Katie Barnicle headshot portrait 2019-20

Katie Barnicle

I am a senior and Catlin and have attended the school since fourth grade. Over my years at Catlin I have been involved in the swim team, becoming the swim team captain my junior year. I have enjoyed the art programs at Catlin, participating in a variety of music and crafting classes that have fostered my creativity.

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Bowen Blair headshot portrait 2019-20

Bowen Blair

I, along with my sister, have been attending Catlin Gabel since kindergarten. I play a lot of soccer both for Catlin and outside of school, so I can answer any questions you may have concerning the athletic department. Something that I appreciate about Catlin is the great student to teacher ratio. This really allows me to get to know my teachers well and really form a strong relationship with them.

Hannah Bowes headshot 2019-20

Hannah Bowes

I came to Catlin as a kindergartener and I am currently a sophomore. My favorite classes are science, math, and art. I am a member of PERIOD and the Environmental Action Team clubs at Catlin. Outside of school, I am a dancer at Classical Ballet Academy, where I take ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz classes and volunteer as a teaching assistant for children’s ballet classes and summer camps. In my free time I enjoy crocheting, cross stitching, reading, and roller skating.

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Zoie Kirsten Calora Headshot 2019-20

Zoie Calora

I have been going to Catlin my whole life and currently am a sophomore. My favorite classes so far have been English, Computer Science, and Math. I love playing basketball at Catlin and enjoy piano, painting, and doing calligraphy outside of school. I have an older sister who graduated from Catlin last year. My family enjoys trying different restaurants together, one of our favorites is Din Tai Fung. We also like going to the Philippines to see our relatives.

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Katherine Change Headshot portrait 2019-20

Katherine Chang

Hi I'm Katherine! I'm a junior and have been at Catlin Gabel since ninth grade. I was actually born at the St. Vincent hospital so coming here has been full circle for me! My favorite place at Catlin are the outside benches where I like to hang out with my friends on sunny days. I love spending time outdoors, especially if I'm with my friends, family, and my dog Bella.

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McKenzie Compton Headshot portrait 2019-20

McKenzie Compton

I came to Catlin in 6th grade from my local elementary school, Alameda. I am now a sophomore and enjoy lots of sports and activities such as soccer, track, hiking, and climbing. Some of my favorite subjects include English, Science, Spanish, and Social Studies. I also participate in many clubs such as InvenTeam, Healing Hands (organizing blood drives), Socks and Sandwiches (passing out resources to the homeless population in Portland), and Feminism Club. Outside of school, I like spending time with my family in the outdoors, playing with my dog, and hanging out with my friends.

Lola Diaz Gonzalez headshot portrait

Lola Diaz Gonzalez

I’m from Spain. I came to the United States when I was 7 years old. I am bilingual and a tennis player. I started at Catlin Gabel in ninth grade and I play soccer and tennis for the varsity teams. I’m a very passionate and hard-working person and love to work with people.

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Hunter Farnham headshot portrait 2019-20

Hunter Farnham

I entered Catlin as an 8th grader, coming from San Jose, California and am now a junior. Last year my favorite classes were definitely Spanish and precalculus. Outside of school I am very involved in a few debate and service-oriented clubs and lead JSA and CommuniCare. In JSA we hold weekly debates and go to conventions around the PNW where we debate and try to better understand politics. In CommuniCare we have multiple fundraisers during the school year to raise money for non-profits based off a mission statement that we determine at the start of the year. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends, reading, and playing basketball.

Kai Gamboa headshot portrait 2019-20

Kai Gamboa

I started at Catlin Gabel in ninth grade and am currently a senior. I play soccer and am captain of the boys varsity soccer team, so the soccer field is where I spend a lot of time!

Jackson George headshot photo 2019-20

Jackson George

I am currently a junior at Catlin Gabel. My favorite subjects in school are history, math, and science. My favorite extracurriculars involve debate, speech, and business. During my free time, I love to play soccer and run, watch The Office, read, and spend time with my family and friends. I have been at Catlin for over 7 years.

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Bianca Haldorsen headshot portrait 2019-20

Bianca Haldorsen

I enrolled at Catlin for freshman year from St. Pius X Middle School and am a junior this year. My favorite subjects are math and computer science. I am on the volleyball and basketball teams for Catlin as well as the new Catlin a capella group and am a part of Socks and Sandwiches, which is a volunteer group that passes out socks and sandwiches to the homeless downtown. Recently, I have been really interested in the film industry and have been enjoying acting and screenplay writing in my free time.

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Lucas Holliday headshot portrait

Lucas Holliday

I'm a sophomore at Catlin Gabel. I especially enjoy my math and computer science classes. I’m on the soccer and tennis teams and participate in the Robotics/Engineering program and the Outdoor Program. Outside of school, I volunteer at the Portland Homeless Family Shelter. My interests include skiing, hiking, and playing basketball with my friends. I'm excited to welcome you to the Catlin Gabel community where I have been a student since preschool!

Caroline Hyde 2019-20 headshot portrait

Caroline Hyde

I enrolled at Catlin Gabel as a freshman and am now a senior. I moved from Hood River to Portland that same year, and enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. At Catlin I have thoroughly enjoyed my history, Spanish, and science classes. I have done tennis, Feminist club, and have helped with theater makeup for performances. Outside Catlin, I dance at Northwest Dance Project and STEPS PDX.

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Collete Hyde 2019-20 headshot portrait

Colette Hyde

I started at Catlin Gabel in 7th grade and I am now a Sophomore. I especially enjoy my science, math, and art classes. For extracurriculars I am on the Catlin volleyball, ski, and tennis teams, and I have played piano for 8 years. I also participate in the Socks & Sandwiches club at Catlin which meets once a month to make sandwiches and collect socks, then gives them out to homeless people around Portland. In my free time I love spending time with my friends and family, and going to Hood River, where I grew up.

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Audrey Karp headshot portrait 2019-20

Audrey Karp

I came to Catlin in preschool and I'm now a sophomore. My favorite subjects are history, science, and art and I'm a member of the communicare club. In my time not spent at school, I do a lot of sewing and taking care of my plants! I also play basketball at Catlin and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I have two older brothers who have both graduated from Catlin, and my family really enjoys cooking and baking together.

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Sophie Kruse selfie portrait catlin gabel student ambassador

Sophie Kruse

I came to Catlin my freshman year as a part of the Palma Scholars Program and am now a senior. Some of my favorite classes have been Crime and Punishment, Honors Calculus, and US History. Outside of class, I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, and am a state leader in the Students Demand Action office, which mobilizes and educates voters about gun violence. In terms of Catlin extracurriculars, I am a co-leader of Feminism Club, and was elected co-Senior Class President for the upcoming year. Something interesting about me is my obsessive interest in crossword puzzles.

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Alara Lane headshot portrait 2019-20

Alara Lane

I came to Catlin as a kindergartener and have been here ever since. I’m now a sophomore and so far Catlin classes have always been fun and unique but my favorites have always been the great science courses, especially chemistry. I love studying business as well, and have participated in some competitions around that field. I’ve been focusing a lot of the time I have for extra-curriculars on Track and Tennis practice. During and outside of school I also participate in a club called Socks and Sandwiches at Catlin that works on providing for the homeless in Portland. I’ve lived in Portland for my entire life and love it here, especially the water front and love spending time downtown with friends, drawing, and photography.

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Tulip Larson Headshot Portrait 2019-20

Tulip Larson

I enrolled at Catlin in first grade and I am now a senior. I truly enjoy all of my classes, but I especially like English and social studies. On campus I am part of the soccer and the tennis team and I am the co-captain of mock trial. I also participate in lots of smaller clubs like MUN (Model UN), and I am the leader of Healing Hands and Socks and Sandwiches. Outside of Catlin I volunteer as a tutor and I really enjoy playing music (fiddle and guitar). In my free time I love playing with my dog, hanging out with my friends, and exploring nature!

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Dylan Lian headshot portrait 2019-20

Dylan Lian

I enrolled at Catlin as a 9th grader from Northwest Academy and I’m now a senior. I’ve enjoyed all of my courses but I’m especially into science, math, and computer science. I play varsity soccer and baseball for Catlin and I have been involved with the musical theater program for the last two years as well as our school’s Youth Ending Slavery club (YES is a human trafficking prevention club) and the chess club. Outside of school, I work with the Post 58 as a steering committee member. The Post 58 is a student-run climbing and outdoor organization that helps Portland youth from all around Portland to get outside and learn to climb mountains at inexpensive costs. In my free time, I enjoy getting outside, connecting with my friends, and playing music.

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Emma Lindner headshot portrait 2019-20

Emma Lindner

Most people at Catlin know me as a “lifer”. I started when I was four years old and now I am set to graduate in 2021. I’ve had the opportunity to take a broad array of classes, of which science and English are my favorite. One thing I love about Catlin is the wide variety of clubs that allow students to get involved in both inside and outside of the school community. Both the Feminism Club and Community Engagement Club have allowed me to attend diversity summits and participate in volunteer opportunities. I have also been involved as a makeup designer for the school plays and musicals since I was a freshman. In my free time I can often be found volunteering at Urban Gleaners, a Portland based philanthropy focusing on food insecurity, as well as restoring used books for the Children's Book Bank. On the weekends my days are usually spent testing new chocolate chip cookie recipes or having a movie night with my friends.

Emma MacNeill headshot portrait 2019-20

Emma MacNeill

I am a senior this year and have attended Catlin since kindergarten. My favorite subjects are English and science. Outside of classes, I am a member of the YES club (Youth Ending Slavery), Mental Health Club, and I play soccer. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, playing music, and baking.

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Mahajan Parth headshot portrait 2019-20

Parth Mahajan

I came to Catlin Gabel freshman year. It was also the start of my first year in Portland. Some of my interests here at Catlin are playing basketball and tennis. I loved how inclusive the environment is here and I never really felt left out when I first got here. That alone influenced my decision to be a student ambassador, so I could share the dynamic and environment with others.

Lottie Malkmus 2019-20 headshot portrait

Lottie Malkmus

I joined Catlin as a ninth grader from Cedarwood School and am now a sophomore. Although I was nervous to join a new school, the transition to Catlin was easy, and I felt supported and welcomed. Last year I loved all of my classes and being able to work with such a motivated and engaged student body. I especially enjoyed the Palma seminar and our social studies course. I ran on the cross country and track team, and played on the tennis team, although our season was cut short. Outside of school, I work with Plant for the Planet and My Music RX (you can find me on their website)! I also play cello and have been involved in Metropolitan Youth Symphony and the Community Music Center. In my free time, I enjoy painting and biking.

Elsa McDermott headshot portrait 2019-20

Elsa McDermott

I started at Catlin as a 6th grader, and I am now a sophomore. I love all my classes, but I am especially interested in science, math, and art. I play volleyball and tennis at Catlin, and I am also a part of InvenTeam. Off campus, I am a youth volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society and I play club volleyball. In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends, bake fun recipes with my family, and walk my dog, Benny.

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Issa Okamoto headshot portrait 2019-20

Issa Okamoto

I enrolled at Catlin as a 10th grader from Lincoln High School and I’m now a junior. The Creative Arts Center is my favorite place on campus! I love music and studying languages including English, Spanish and Chinese, as well as ancient German and Italian for opera. I am a classical soprano and play the piano and guitar. I co-lead the CGS Asian Affinity Club, am a member of the CGS Mock Trial team and Catlin Intercultural Council that helps to organize our Diversity Summit, and I sing the national anthem at our home games. Outside of school, I sing on the African American Requiem Choir, serve as Youth Director of The Portland Concert Opera and am a Teen Council Member at the Center for Women's Leadership. I enjoy songwriting, taking road trips with my family, and baking with my big sister.

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Benjamin Olshin headshot portrait 2019-20

Benjamin Olshin

I joined Catlin Gabel School as a ninth grader. I love each of my courses, especially science, Spanish, and photography. I co-lead Catlin Gabel's cooking club and participate in Catlin Gabel's Judicial Council. Outside of school, I am a competitive gymnast and lead Babies With Books, a teen-led program that distributes books in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Randall Children's Hospital to promote early literacy and family bonding. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, biking, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Fiona Rayne headshot portrait 2019-20

Fiona Rayne

I enrolled at Catlin Gabel as a 4th grader from Laurelhurst Elementary school and now I am a Junior. My favorite classes at Catlin are math, English and history but I also love the art classes I have taken as well. I am on the Catlin swim team which won state last year and I swim club with Blue Crush aquatics. On the weekends I don't have swim meets, I like to volunteer with Project Lemonade helping kids in foster care get all the back to school clothes and resources they need; as well as Urban Gleaners and Blanchet House where I cook and prepare meals for homeless and low income families. In my free time I love to go on hikes with my family and dog in the beautiful wilderness that surrounds Portland, or spend time with my friends whether it be on outdoor trips or just watching movies together.

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Ben Rosenfeld portrait 2019-20

Ben Rosenfeld

I am currently a sophomore at Catlin and I have attended the school since preschool. The classes that I enjoy the most are Computer Science, Spanish, and Math. I am on the soccer, basketball, and tennis teams. I am also a part of the engineering program and the Communicare club (where we raise money and donate). Outside of school, I am joining Thrive, which does activities in Spanish with immigrant children, and Babies with Books, which distributes books to children in hospitals. In my free time, I like to read, spend time with my friends and family, be outdoors, run, and play violin.

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Felipe Duran Rueda

Felipe Rueda

I joined Catlin Gabel as a new student to the upper school in ninth grade. I spend the majority of my time playing soccer for both high school and club but also run track and play tennis at Catlin. When I am not playing soccer, I am hanging out with my family and my dog that I spend a lot of time with. My favorite part of Catlin is the welcoming community and the amazing teachers that you quickly develop trustworthy relationships with.

Alyssa Sanchez 2019-20 headshot portrait

Alyssa Sanchez

I enrolled at Catlin Gabel as a ninth grader from St. Matthew Catholic school. Learning new concepts and information has always been enjoyable at Catlin, but my favorite subjects are math and English. I participate in club swimming and I’m happy to say a I'm member of the Catlin swim team. Last year I joined robotics with no prior knowledge and THRIVE, an organization that sets up activities between students and teenagers seeking asylum. Outside of school I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family, especially my younger cousins.

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Jackson Schroeder 2019-20 headshot portrait

Jackson Schroeder

In my eight years at ACCESS Academy in NE Portland, I realized that student passion matters more than the curriculum, the grades, the campus- whatever. In my shadow day at Catlin, I was excited to see all students eagerly participating in discussions. Catlin has been exceptional in the areas of science, English, and hacky sack. Outside of school, I am co-president of the Explorer Post, skateboard ramp builder, and avid biker.

Niah Sei 2019-20 headshot portrait

Niah Sei

I enrolled at Catlin in the 4th grade and I’m now a sophomore. Throughout my time at Catlin, my favorite classes have been math, history, and science. I play basketball and was one of the freshman class presidents. I am currently a member of TRIBE, which stands for The Real Inseparable Black Experience, and the BSU, which stands for the Black Student Union. Outside of school, I work at summer camps and enjoy traveling, photography, and spending time with my two older brothers.

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Aidan Sheeran-Hahnel headshot portrait 2019-20

Aidan Sheeran-Hahnel

I came to Catlin Gabel my freshmen year, and somehow, I already am a junior year here. I play soccer for both high school and my club team and I’ve also enjoyed stints playing baseball and running track for Catlin Gabel. I co-lead a club called Junior States of America, whose main mission is to fight student apathy, and am on the board of another club called Communicare, which fundraises tens of thousands of dollars each year to donate to various non-profit organizations. Arguably my favorite part of Catlin Gabel has to be how tightly-knit the community is; students all know each other, we have close relationships with our teachers, and basically anywhere on campus you go you’ll find somebody to talk with.

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Sophia Spry headshot portrait

Sophia Spry

I joined Catlin Gabel when I was in 7th grade and I have learned a lot from my experience here. I co-lead the Catlin Gabel chapter of YES (Youth Ending Slavery) and I am also a member of the organizations board. I play for the Catlin soccer, basketball, and track and field teams. In my free time I previously have played club soccer, but I recently have switched to playing club basketball. I enjoy reading, snowboarding, painting and fishing.

Mikayla Stout headshot portrait

Mikayla Stout

I enrolled at Catlin as a 3rd grader and I’m now a senior. Out of all the classes at Catlin, I especially love the visual arts, English, and humanities. I am in the Feminism, Book, YES (Youth Ending slavery), and PERIOD clubs. Outside of school, I ride horses competitively, volunteer at Forward Stride, a therapeutic riding center, and I am a co-leader of The CENTER Youth Collective. I also participate in The United States Pony Club and IEA. Additionally, I enjoy making art and jewelry, spending time outside, reading, and cooking.

Tiffany Toh headshot portrait

Tiffany Toh

Hi! I’m a senior at Catlin Gabel. My friends know me as the energetic one, the girl who is unafraid of breaking the norm a little. Some people describe me as crazy (in a good way, of course). Despite having a logical mind, I also tend to think creatively and out-of-the-box. Thus, my interests include music, robotics, and debate.

Isabel Vestergaard headshot portrait

Isabel Vestergaard

Hi! I am a senior this year and have been at Catlin Gabel since sixth grade. I especially enjoy science and math and plan to pursue STEM after high school. Outside of school I volunteer at Good Samaritan Hospital and play on Catlin’s soccer and golf teams. I am a Danish and American dual citizen and enjoy traveling with my family.

Zoe Waechter headshot portrait 2019-20

Zoë Waechter

I joined the Catlin community my Freshmen year from Cedarwood Waldorf School and I am now a Senior. My favorite classes tend to lean towards the humanities (history being my all-time favorite) but I also enjoy my math, science and Spanish teachers. I played on the girl’s soccer team freshman and sophomore year and played tennis my sophomore year. I am part of the Socks and Sandwiches club and also the Feminism Club. My favorite thing to do at home is to play with my two dogs and two cats.

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sophie wand 2019-20 headshot portrait

Sophie Wand

I have been at Catlin Gabel since preschool and am now a senior. I enjoy all my classes, but particularly evolutionary biology. I am the captain of the soccer team, am the leader of Healing Hands (we help organize the blood drives), and recently joined StudentsTutorStudents to help students across the Portland area who are struggling with digital learning. My family enjoys going skiing and snowboarding, traveling, and paddle boarding.

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Jed Whalen Stewart

Hi! I’m a senior and in my fourth year at Catlin. I play varsity soccer and baseball, and am interested in all things sports. I also participate in student government and was co-class president as a freshman and this year as a senior. My favorite subjects are science and English. Outside of school I like to spend time with my family and enjoy fishing.

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Willa Whalen Stewart

Willa Whalen Stewart

I came to Catlin Gabel as a new student in ninth grade from Arbor School. I am now a sophomore and enjoy all of my classes especially science and English. I play Catlin soccer in the fall and play year round club soccer for Portland City United. In my free time I enjoy getting outside with my family, watersports, and baking. I look forward to showing you around campus!

Evan Williams headshot portrait 2019-20

Evan Williams

I came to Catlin Gabel as a ninth grader, the first in my family at the school. I play soccer, run track, and play table tennis. I also enjoy playing the saxophone and am part of jazz band. One of my favorite parts about Catlin Gabel was how welcoming the community was to new students and families.

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