Safety Resources & Support

We are dedicated to creating a learning environment that promotes respect, dignity, and equity and is free from all forms of harassment and discrimination. To foster this type of environment, Catlin Gabel has developed a range of resources and policies that outline the school’s expectations for all members of our community, including students, parents, faculty and staff, as well as any visitors to campus.

Expectations for Faculty and Staff

We require all adults affiliated in any way with Catlin Gabel to maintain appropriate adult-student relationships at all times, both on and off campus. We prohibit and will not tolerate child abuse, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or boundary violations. We will investigate (or refer to local law enforcement to investigate) any reports brought to our attention. Any employee who has reason to believe that another school employee is engaging in abuse or sexual misconduct with a student is required to immediately report the information to the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, or Director of Human Resources, or report the concern to the anonymous SafeSchools Alert tip line. All full-time faculty and staff are also required to annually attend an in-person training session as well as online trainings related to understanding and reporting sexual misconduct.

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Professional Conduct and Appropriate Adult-Student Boundaries Handbook (PDF)


Parent Resources

Catlin Gabel annually produces a Family Handbook, which provides a wide range of information and policies, including a detailed section on the expectation at Catlin Gabel for safe and healthy boundaries between adults and students.

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Catlin Gabel Family Handbook (PDF)


Student Resources

Student Forums

Catlin Gabel continually looks for ways to engage our students in developmentally appropriate discussions about sound decision-making, healthy relationships, safety, and respect. Topics included in these conversations include affirmative consent, sexual misconduct and assault, bystander intervention, the consequences of such actions, and ways for students to get help.



Catlin Gabel has four counselors on staff: a counselor for the Beginning and Lower school, a counselor for the Middle School, and two counselors for the Upper School. These counselors provide individual and family support, and host seminars and workshops throughout the year.

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Catlin Gabel Counseling Program


RAINN Hotline

To support our community, we have partnered with RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the nation. RAINN is available 24/7/365 for immediate crisis counseling for anyone affected by sexual misconduct through their National Sexual Assault Hotline (800-656-4673) or online at


Resources Guide

Students can access Catlin Gabel's Sexual Assault Support and Resources Guide, which provides self-care for survivors, guidance on how to report sexual assault, and legal and advocacy resources.

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Sexual Assault Support and Resources Guide (PDF)